AMC Replaces Talking With Chris Hardwick With Ride With Norman Reedus

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AMC pulled the Season 2 premiere of Talking with Chris Hardwick, as promised, and instead aired a return of Ride with Norman Reedus in its place on Sunday.

Hardwick, who also hosts the network's Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, Talking Dead, was accused last week by ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra of sexual and emotional abuse. Although Dykstra didn't name her ex in her essay on Medium.com, referring to him only as someone who grew from "a mildly successful podcaster to a powerhouse CEO of his own company, many outlets and industry watchers immediately picked up on his identity. Hardwick subsequently confirmed Dykstra was referring to him with the release of a denial of her allegations.

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Hardwick is a prominent figure in geek culture, as a television host, convention panel moderator and co-founder of Nerdist Industries. Legendary Entertainment, which purchased Nerdist in 2012, was swift to respond to Dykstra's allegations, effectively scrubbing Hardwick's name from the Nerdist website, and issuing a statement clarifying that he has no affiliation with Legendary Digital Networks.

On Saturday, Hardwick was removed from AMC's programming for Comic-Con International in San Diego, where he was set to moderate The Walking Dead and Doctor Who panels. The cable network also said it would not air Talking with Chris Hardwick, which was supposed to kick off its second season on Sunday, while it assesses "the situation."

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AMC prefaced the rerun of the Season 2 premiere of Ride with Norman Reedus on Sunday with the simple statement, "Talking with Chris Hardwick will not be seen tonight.” There's no word as to what will air in its place next week.

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