Ride The Wave: "Aquaman" Trailer Leaked Online

Update (5/19/06): The trailer can now be found here

Earlier today, CBR News was forwarded this link by readers, regarding the oft-maligned "Aquaman" series (originally set to air on the WB, before it merged with UPN into the CW). The trailer introduces viewers to young "A.C" (presumably short for Arthur Curry, Aquaman's comic book namesake), who finds he has the ability to swim extraordinarily fast, hold his breath under water (yes, longer than David Blaine), talk to fish and that he may be from the fabled city of Atlantis. In this show, Atlantis is protected by the "veil" of the Bermuda Triangle, which may mean those familiar underwater domes aren't a part of the show. The big twist is that A.C.'s mom was kidnapped a during his childhood by strange amphibian creatures, which has led to his fascination with all things aquatic, and has also led someone from Atlantis (played by Ving Rhames) to seek him out. Rhames role seems action oriented, as he doles out the required platitudes, but also wields one nasty looking crosswbow. Lou Diamond Phillips also stars, as A.C's father, and there seems to be the same teen angst found in "Smallville." This isn't surprising, as "Smallville" creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, have been heavily involved with the show, though it does not seem connected to this year's appearance of Aquaman (also called A.C.) on "Smallville." This A.C. is played by soap opera vet Justin Hartley, not "American Idol" contestant Alan Ritchson, the latter of whom was "Smallville's" A.C..

The trailer seems more tailor made for showing to network executives than to fans, as it isn't nearly as action packed or full of comic book "nods" as one might expect from a fan oriented trailer. The absence of Aquaman's orange/green costume also suggests this wasn't meant to target the pre-existing fans of the character. The costume was featured, in a roundabout way, during A.C.'s "Smallville" appearance, where he wore an orange shirt and green shorts. The look was mocked by the show's main characters, presumably as a wink to fans, and acknowledgment that the colors in comic book costumes don't always translate to real life.

The latter half of the trailer features the song "Downfall" from Trust Company which was released in 2002. It's not clear if that's meant to be the theme song of the show, but it seemed to suit the action heavy latter half of the trailer, which hints at heavy military involvement in the show.

It's worth noting that the CW hasn't picked up "Aquaman" for the fall season, though it may still be a mid-season replacement or could presumably end up elsewhere. Featuring much the same flavor as "Smallville," this show would seem to compliment it's big brother, whose ratings have soared this season.

Hartley may be a newcomer to action and adventure, but his resemblance to the comic book version of Aquaman, as well as his "O.C."-esque good looks are sure to endear him to comic book fans and non fans alike, as Tom Welling did as Clark Kent in "Smallville."

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