Ride like Tony Stark in these Iron Man motorcycle helmets

With a seemingly endless supply of battlesuits at his disposal, Tony Stark certainly doesn't need a motorcycle. However, if the billionaire inventor/superhero were to hit the open road, he'd probably do so in a stylish Iron Man helmet something like these.

We've spotlighted several superhero-inspired motorcycle helmets, but few are quite as flashy (or as shiny) as these from Masei. With names like "Atomic-Man" and "Star Machine," the designs probably aren't licensed by Marvel and Disney, but they are approved by the Department of Transportation, which has to count for something.

The Masei 610 line already resembles Iron Man's helmet, so it only takes weathered two-tone gray paint to create an impressive likeness of War Machine. Excuse me, Star Machine. Likewise, metallic gold and red delivers Iron Man himself. And we can't forget Iron Patriot.

There are other helmets that aren't quite as convincing, including an entire Spider-Man Lizard-Man series. And if you're in the market for a pair of boots that might match the Iron Man helmet, Masei has those too.

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(via Clutch and Chrome)

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