Ride into a galaxy far, far away with a sweet "Star Wars" Corvette

If you're a hardcore Star Wars fan and have a bit of disposable income, this is most definitely the car you're looking for.

Ebay user easternvette has listed a used 1974 Corvette with a custom airbrushed Star Wars theme--with the current bid at $8,100.

The seller admits that while the paint job has held up quite well since its application in the late-70s, there are a few chips in the paint and some wear in the car's interior. But from the pictures posted, the award-winning car still looks pretty dang awesome. An 8-cyclinder manual drive with a little over 24,000 miles, the current price tag isn't actually that bad, but with almost three days still to go in the auction, that price might sky-rocket.

No word on how fast it completes the Kessel Run though.

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