Ride in superhero style with these custom motorcycle helmets

Last year we spotlighted a pretty stylish Dark Knight-inspired motorcycle helmet, but what if you prefer, say, The Punisher, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Wonder Woman to Batman? AirGraffix has you covered.

The Mattoon, Illinois-based company specializes in custom-painted helmets that can transform the rider into everyone from Goku and Deadpool to Iron Man and Spawn. It's not all superheroes or comic books, either; there's an assortment of Star Wars, Transformers and Power Rangers designs, for starters.

They range in price from $460 to more than $800, and I can't attest to their legality (I don't see any boilerplate text regarding the rights holders). However, you have to admit you'd looking pretty cool cruising around in that War Machine or X-Wing pilot helmet ...

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