<i>Riddick</i> Concept Art Emerges In Vin Diesel Facebook Update

Vin Diesel revealed only a few weeks ago that the road to an R-rating for the next Riddick movie is clear. Now he's at it again, with a weekend update on Facebook in which he reveals a new piece of concept art (pictured above) for the upcoming David Twohy-directed film.

Diesel credits the extended process of nailing down the R-rating for giving the creative team more than an ample amount of time to develop a strong sense of what the movie will be and, as a result, high-quality concept art. He also nods to the fans for being so vocal about the need for an R-rating in helping the project reach the point that it is. Smart guy, that Diesel. He really knows how to speak to fans on their level, largely because he's such a self-professed fanboy himself.

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