<i>Riddick</i> Casting Details Emerge

Here's some word of movement on the Riddick movie that Vin Diesel is developing with Pitch Black director David Twohy. Casting has officially begun, and a number of supporting roles are in play to be filled, Moviehole reports. The site reveals that the four characters in the casting mix right now are: Boss Johns, Santana, the sexy female merc Dahl and the smug commander Krone.

There are a few addition details, but they qualify as spoilers, so continue reading at your own risk. In the upcoming movie, Diesel's Riddick ends up being stranded on a weird planet filled with hostile alien life. He sets off a distress beacon, but it ends up bringing in a large number of mercenaries who want the ex-con for one reason or another. One of those teams is led by the Boss Johns character, who's the father of Pitch Black's William Johns (Cole Hauser), the a-hole spacecop transporting Riddick to his latest prison cell.

Moviehole has a few more specifics about Riddick's first encounter with Boss Johns, but this should be enough to reassure those hoping to see more Pitch Black than Chronicles of Riddick reflected in the upcoming movie.

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