Ricky Gervais in Talks For Lead Role in <i>The Muppets 2</i>

Ricky Gervais might be toning it down a bit for his next role. The outspoken creator of The Office, whose gigs hosting the Golden Globes have alienated some of Hollywood's elite, is looking to work with a different group of talent: The Muppets.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gervais is in talks with Disney to play the human lead in the follow-up to 2011 hit comedy that return Jim Henson's beloved creations to the big screen. While nothing has been said about the role itself, it's being compared to Jason Segel's part in the first film.

Gervais would star opposite Ty Burrell, who'll play an Interpol officer who gets wrapped up in the Muppets' European-set antics. The Muppets director James Bobin has returned to direct a script he co-wrote with Nicholas Stoller. Filming is scheduled to behind in January.

Not sure how Gervais might handle puppet-based humor? Then it's time to watch (or re-watch) this clip of the actor and Elmo of Sesame Street from a few years back.

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