Rick Remender on "Invasion"

Today, the first issue of Fear Agent from Dark Horse Comics is released. Written by Rick Remender with art by Tony Moore, Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #1 details the origin of the hero of Fear Agent, Heath Houston. Here, with a guest piece (that also appears as an editorial in the issue itself) discussing some themes from the book, is writer Rick Remender. - BC


Throughout human history whenever an advanced civilization comes into contact with a less advanced civilization the former inevitably conquers and/or absorbs the later. As developed as our intellects have become, primal strength remains the deciding factor in the evolution and survival of human cultures. If our own behavior on Earth is any indication then this conduct is likely true on a universal scale. Clearly altruism isn't humanities specially. Is benevolence a foreign concept to life in the stars as well?

I say yes.

I say when the aliens come they will come with little regard for our welfare. They will come to exploit our world, just as we exploit the people and resources of less advanced nations. They will come because it is in their best interests to do so. Not ours. They will, crush, kill and destroy. Prepare my human brothers and sisters for you will soon be converted into food, slave labor or collateral damage. When you see those UFO's in the sky, the end is nigh.

Heath Huston has lived through the hell of the alien invasion to come. And thank God for that, because there exists no better stage to tell a two-fisted, Sci-fi war story than during Earth's unavoidable first invasion. What could be more desperate or perilous? War against other humans is one thing, but as terrible as it is, it doesn't compare to what the unavoidable alien invasion will bring. The soldiers of the coming war will no longer fight for nation or God, but for the survival of all mankind. It will be time for our species to stand tall and show those crumby alien fascists what we're made of.

We will not stand for the alien hordes dominion of our world. Again, using humanity as a model, no indigenous people react well to foreign invaders on their land. We will not allow the coming alien aggression; we will fight as did Heath Huston and his Fear Agents. The origin of Heath Huston's transformation from trucker to alien exterminator began here in the muck on the battlefields of Earth. Take notes, your time is coming.

There seem to be fewer and fewer war comics being produced as the years progress. With exception to notable entries by Garth Ennis and Joe Kubert I'm at a loss to recall any. Perhaps this is part of the aliens plot. Whatever the cause, it's a shame. From Two-Fisted Tales to Enemy Ace to the Haunted Tank to Sgt. Rock-- war tales have a rich history in American comics and should be loved by all good-hearted men and women. No drama can compare to that told during war. Beyond the normal character conflicts and personality struggles there is a world on the brink of destruction and life and death on the line at every turn.

Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye is a bloody call to arms; a straight shot of 100 proof war comic served with a Sci-Fi chaser-- with everything in the balance. It's what you need to know to be prepared and we're the only team in comics with the steely eyes and guts full of lead to give it to you straight.

Get ready for war.

Rick was kind enough to share some of Tony Moore's awesome art from the first issue. Enjoy (Click on the images to enlarge)!!

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