Rick Remender Talks Deadly Class, Syfy and His Future Comic Plans

Writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig launched Deadly Class in 2014, a creator owned series from Image Comics. Five years later, the '80s-set series about a clandestine high school for adolescent assassins is still going strong and about to become bigger than ever thanks to Syfy's television adaptation that launches this week. For a lot of creators, the adaptation is a separate thing that they have little or no involvement in, but Remender chose a different route and has become extensively involved with the Deadly Class adaptation.

That work has kept Remender very busy, but he hasn't forgotten about writing comics. In addition to his obligations to the show, Remender and the artists at his Giant Generator studio have been hard at work producing a whole new crop of creator owned titles. Their output for 2019 includes a new arc of the Deadly Class comic series (which kicks off the same day the show premieres), the conclusions of Low and Black Science, the returns of Seven to Eternity and Death or Glory and the possible launch of a new title.

CBR spoke with Remender about the new arc of Deadly Class and his work on the show, how they've fed into each other, the currently unfolding final arc of Low and the other comics coming from Giant Generator in 2019.

CBR: Rick, you're heavily involved in the production aspect of the Deadly Class TV show. What are some of the things you do on the show? And is your involvement sort of a way to bring the ethos of creator owned comics to adaptations?

Rick Remender: I’m a showrunner and lead writer, which is about 80 hours a week of work. I also lived in Vancouver for 4-5 months of the last year while we were filming it and the rest of my time is spent here in L.A. editing and picking the music, etcetera.

There's been very few instances where the creator has been able to shepherd their project forward as a showrunner. I think Neil Gaiman is doing it on Good Omens and here Sony and Syfy are allowing me to do it with Deadly Class. So, hopefully people will support it and like it, and then we can see creators continue to develop and move forward their own creations. I’ve been very lucky having the Russo Bros. faith and support in this as well, it’s made a huge difference.

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