Rick and Morty Creator Explains One Series Joke By Selling a Signed 3DS

It began as a joke in the second season of Rick and Morty, but now you can buy a limited-edition Zelda Nintendo DS signed by series co-creator Justin Roiland.

In the Season 2 episode "Total Rickall," a parasite causes causes the entire family to recall false memories, including one of Rick hoarding a handful of the limited-edition Zelda Nintendo 3DS, which he snagged for $149.99 on sale with the added bonus of a $50 gift card. It's intended as a get-rich-quick scheme, with Rick stashing the systems away in a safe to unload for $230 each. The joke is based on Roiland's real-life actions. Even better? You can now buy one of those very systems.

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According to text message from Roiland shared with Vice by Witchsy co-founder Kate Dwyer, he did, in fact, hoard a bunch of Nintendo 3DS systems with the goal of selling them: "All the stuff Rick says in that scene in the episode was actually true. My plan was to sell them off here and there over the years but I just had so many that I still have them."

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Of course, while Roiland admitted to becoming a scalper, he also did some good by making sure to purchase 15 systems and games to donate to a children's hospital in Los Angeles. Now, years later, Roiland is finally seeking to at least offload one of the systems. Unfortunately, however, rather than selling it at the $230 price teased in Rick and Morty, Roiland has priced the 3DS -- which comes in a sign box featuring a Rick and Morty doodle -- for a whopping $1,000 on Witchsy.

Created by Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty premiered in 2013 on Adult Swim.

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