Rick Grimes Encounters A Zombie Child In <i>The Walking Dead</i>

Oh, what I wouldn't give to get to the set of The Walking Dead. Longtime fans of Robert Kirkman's survival horror comic — yours truly included — have been blown away by the photographs, videos and information flowing from the set of the Frank Darabont-helmed AMC television series, currently trucking its way through its first six-episode season.

A set report from Quint at Ain't It Cool News is no less compelling, as the reporter was lucky enough to witness a bone-chilling scene between lead character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and one of the world's many zombies. But this is no ordinary zombie — this is a zombie child.

Here's the spoiler filled scene, as described by Quint:

Rick leaves his cruiser on the road. He’s hasn’t seen a zombie yet, just corpses. I believe he is completely unaware of the zombie uprising at all at this point. He walks down to the packed gas station, sees corpses in cars, sees the “No Gas” sign and then he suddenly hears something: a shuffling sound.

He bends down, placing the gas can and his floppy Sheriff’s hat on the ground and looks underneath one of the cars. He sees a pair of small feet shuffling by in dirty bunny slippers. They get to a bloody teddy bear and stop. A tiny hand reaches down and picks it up.

Rick shoots up, calling out “Little girl! Little girl? It’s okay, I’m a police officer.” He rounds the car and sees her back as she slowly walks away, her blond hair dirty and clothes filthy. She stops, slowly turns revealing her zombie eyes (an infected red on the whites) and a gaping hole in her cheek, teeth showing through. The bloody teddy bear is clutched in one hand.

Rick is confused and revolted at the same time. She takes a slow step towards him and he backs up. She acts like those people you see in movies who are lost in a desert and see an oasis. The little girl starts slow and as she gets closer she shuffles faster and faster. Rick doesn’t have much time to react. He pulls his revolver, steadies it and takes a brief moment, hesitating… Undead or not, this is still a little girl.

He fires, taking her out. Unfortunately he also draws the attention of the biters in the area. They exit cars all around him and he ends up hauling ass back to his car, holding on to his hat like Indiana Jones running from the Hovitos at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. He jumps into his car, the trunk still open and he peels away as a crowd of zombies crests the hill from the gas station.

The television series debuts on AMC this October, which is most certainly not soon enough.

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