Get Schwifty: 15 Hilariously Dank Rick And Morty Memes

Rick and Morty is an animated show on Adult Swim. It follows Rick Sanchez and his family, the Smiths. He uses his grandson Morty to accompany him on his adventures, mostly in a selfish way. The other family members such as Beth, Jerry and Summer are also just living their lives in their Rick-centered universe. Many people love the show because of its humor and existential themes. Because it is animated, the creators are able to do whatever they want. The loved characters travel through dimensions and meet aliens and even creatures named Mr. Poopybutthole and Birdperson. The show has also coined catchy phrases like “show me what you got,” “get schwifty” and “wubba lubba dub dub,” that intellectual fans like to say in the real world.

A meme can best be described as a picture relating to something, usually with a caption attached. Through this beautiful show emerged memes that anyone can relate to. Memes teach us special lessons like diversity, our purpose in life and to never skip leg days. Since the invention of the internet, they’ve become an important part of our lives and our will to live. Here are 15 of some of the best Rick and Morty memes we could find.


What makes Rick and Morty a great show is its diversity -- humans and aliens all living together and getting along. One of the most biased and unprejudice characters of the show could be Krombopulos Michael. Children, old people, animals -- he’s not against killing anyone or thing for money. As mentioned in his business card, he has no code of ethics.

Krombopulos Michael is an assassin and one of Rick’s best customers. He buys weapons from Rick and is apart of the species Gromflomite. Many other Gromflomites in the show do not wear clothes. Krombopulos’ different body type was revealed in the book The Art of Rick and Morty. He is apart of the upper class which explains why he wears clothes and has a different body structure.


It is pretty weird when Morty has a child from a sex robot and wants to raise it as his own, but definitely not the weirdest episode of Rick and Morty. In this episode, Morty convinces Rick to buy him a robot. The robot is made for males to have intercourse with, which Rick knew. But what Rick didn’t know was that it is a robot that can be impregnated. So, Morty impregnates the robot and an alien baby is born. Morty wants to raise this baby as his own child.

The alien baby is from the planet Gazorpazorp and has the face only a father could love. For those who aren’t a fan of children, this meme can be relatable. Luckily there aren’t any alien babies in the real world, just babies that look like aliens.


Every show has a Jerry. He gets picked on, says dumb stuff and you feel sorry for him. Most of the sticky situations Jerry gets himself into is partly from ignorance and lack of intelligence, adding to the humor of the show. He is our least favorite character that we all love to hate. The text message “seen” meme fits perfectly with Jerry because it has been a running plot line that Jerry and Beth are in an unhappy relationship.

In the episode where Jerry tells Beth “It’s him or me,” Beth ends up choosing her dad over her husband. A separation between Jerry and Beth is the result of Beth choosing Rick over Jerry. Which means for the Jerry-loving viewers, we see less of Jerry in the episodes.


To many people at the gym, these baby-like legs are the result of only working out your arms and torso and forgetting those squats that build strong quads. Baby Legs is a regular human except he has baby legs instead of regular-adult human legs, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his job as a police detective. This meme fits perfect with not skipping leg day that the weight-lifting Rick and Morty fans can appreciate.

Baby Legs is on another dimensional murder-mystery TV show that Rick and Morty watch on intergalactic cable. He has a partner called Regular Legs who he believes he doesn’t need. In the end, he accepts Regular Legs as his partner because his baby legs limit his speed and mobility, and Regular Legs is able to make up for his shortcomings.


When you mix traveling through other dimensions and scientific weapons, sometimes you end up with evil versions of yourself. Evil Morty is the villain we all love. He is the elected-President of the Citadel of Ricks, and, of course, the evil version of Morty. The Citadel of Ricks is a place where all the Ricks and Mortys come together through infinite realities.

The “surprise” meme is from the TV series American Horror Story. The character Madison Montgomery says it when the viewers and characters in the show thought she was dead. This correlates with Evil Morty popping back into the show when we all thought he was dead as well. A fun fact is that Evil Morty was named by the fans and the creators liked it and went along with it.


When you need a ride down giant steps, Slippery Step is there for you for only 25 schmeckles. In the episode “Meeseeks and Destroy” Morty takes Rick on a fantasy world adventure that he thinks is his idea of fun while Mr. Meeseeks hangs out with Jerry, Beth and Summer.

Morty pressures Rick into the fantasy world because they always do things Rick’s way and Morty usually doesn’t have a say in the decisions. Having no control over certain things in your life is what this meme is about. When you have to go somewhere, having a sketchy Uber driver isn’t always the main concern. Morty ended up making decisions in this episode but there were still circumstances that were out of his control, very dark circumstances, like King Jellybean.


How many TV shows can you think of where someone turns himself into a pickle to get out of therapy? This meme is mixing our childhood novels, Animorphs, with Rick's pickle transformation. The books are about a group of teenagers who can turn into any animal they touch. The same concept is similar to Rick and Morty because instead of touching them, Rick uses science to turn into anything he wants.

While a pickle, he can talk, but not move. So he ended up getting pushed outside by a cat which tested Rick’s will to live and what he is willing to do to test those limits. He used a cockroach’s body and brain to move his pickle body. One thing leads to another and then he is fought a Russian named Jaguar and still won.


Armothy is the arm Morty briefly had that was from a post-apocalyptic dimension. In this Morty Kombat meme, Morty has Armothy and is dressed like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Armothy is similar to Scorpion in that their main mission is to seek revenge. Armothy seeks revenge for his murdered family and Scorpion seeks revenge for his  murdered self (he is undead).

While Morty had Armothy, he used it to his advantage. Morty is still a child, and a weak child at that. So when he had Armothy, he was not weak anymore. He used his new found strength to take his aggression out from his parents divorcing. Side note: Morty Kombat is not only a meme, but also a web animation show, though it has nothing to do with Rick and Morty.


Scary Terry may seem like a horror villain on the outside, but on the inside, he is misunderstood like the rest of us. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to be scary and that pressure turns into stress and anxiety. Scary Terry appears in the TV version and comic version. He looks similar to another villain that likes to scare people in their dreams, the only main difference in appearance is Scary Terry has a set that dangles from his chin.

In the show Morty and Rick go into others' dreams while Scary Terry is chasing them through the dreams. While he is chasing them he yells, “you can run but you can’t hide...” So they decide to hide and find out the truth about Terry’s family life.


The “what is my purpose?” meme is another great existential, thought-provoking product of the internet. The butter robot is a small robot the Smith family uses at the dinner table for the sole purpose of passing the butter. In the episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes,” it asked Rick, “What is my purpose?” and Rick told it is to pass butter. The robot looked down in a defeated way and responded “oh my god.”

One of the reasons we love Rick and Morty is because of the real-life messages it brings up that people like to ignore, in a humorous way. The butter robot asking what is my purpose is one of those moments. The same can go for Internet Explorer only being used to install Chrome, and other “what is my purpose?” memes.



Rick is woke. He knows more

than the average earthling because he is insanely smart and travels through dimensions. With all great minds comes the disturbance of knowing the truth behind the meaning of life. We all aspire to have the thick skin of not caring like Rick has.

This meme is a great example of Rick’s attitude toward others. Like most people who don’t care, it is usually just a facade and part of their amor. Rick uses humor and emotional detachment as his armor to prevent pain, although we do get a glimpse of his personal life that gives us an idea of why he is the way he is. But in the mean time, to anyone being bullied out there, be a Rick Sanchez and make fun of yourself before they can make fun of you.


Mr. Poopybutthhole came and went in just one season, but he will stay in our hearts forever. He was first introduced in the episode “Total Rickall” and then has showed up in the after credits of other episodes. Mr. Poopybutthole is the trusted family friend everyone enjoys having around. Unfortunately, he decided to visit the Smith family at the wrong time. In the episode, anyone that didn’t have negative memories associated with them was killed. Mr. Poopybutthole is such a nice guy, Beth didn’t have any bad memories of him, causing her to shoot him.

There is a plethora of deaths and violence in the show but the one that affected everyone the most was when Mr. Poopybutthole got shot. He just wants to have fun and make people laugh. That all changed to a living a life of negativity and physical therapy when he got shot.


Everyone wants to give a well thought-out and intellectual roast to someone that needs it, that is what Dr. Wong the therapist did on the “Pickle Rick” episode. Beth wanted the family to go to a counselling session to help with any personal problems that the divorce might be triggering. Of course, Rick is against anything that involves expressing feelings so he decided to turn himself into a pickle.

After a crazy adventure, he ended up at the therapy session only because Beth has the cure to turn him back into human-form. While there, he gives a whole speech on why therapy is bogus, only for Dr. Wong to come back with a roast on how he needs it, like needing to brush your teeth, even though it is boring.


This meme is about Rick’s best and longest friend getting killed by the terrible Tammy. Birdperson was a recurring character in the show. He was wise and thoughtful, but somehow ended up falling in love with Summer’s friend, Tammy. They met at Rick’s party and seasons later end up getting married. At the wedding, everything is revealed and Tammy shoots her so-called husband, Birdperson.

As it turns out, Tammy had been undercover the whole time. She posed as a high school student that was friends with Summer. But she is really a federal agent for the Galactic Federation with an important mission.  Her main mission was to capture and arrest Rick Sanchez. Evil Morty is the villain we love and Tammy Guetermann is the villain we all hate.


This meme represents an important part of Rick and Morty history. The Szechuan Sauce Fiasco let a lot of people down and enraged many fans. People waiting in line for hours for an old sauce they probably never have tried before just shows how powerfully influential TV shows can be. In the episode, Rick reveals the main reason why he destroyed the Galactic Federation and Citadel of Ricks was not to save his family, but because he wanted that tasty McNugget sauce back.

McDonalds decided on the fly that they could take advantage of this sudden rekindled fame of the sauce and bring it back for a big cash grab. Unfortunately, the hasty plan backfired and caused many fans to waste their time and be disappointed.

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