Rick & Morty’s Dan Harmon Departs Twitter as Offensive Skit Resurfaces

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has left Twitter after an offensive sketch from 10 years ago resurfaced online, with far-right bloggers getting ahold of it.

It’s unclear as to his exact reasoning for exiting the social media platform, but he did so without issuing a statement, leaving many assuming he's anticipating backlash for the skit.

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The graphic sketch he starred in, “Daryl,” spoofs Showtime’s popular series Dexter, and features Harmon simulating sex with a plastic baby doll. The video was pulled down, which many believe was Harmon's way of sanitizing things so as not to run afoul of NBC, who aired the series Community, of which he was showrunner at the time in 2012.

After the masses forgot about the video, Harmon went on to be a creative force for animated series like Rick and Morty and HarmonQuest. However, demons of old have resurfaced, with the far-right bringing the clip back up on digital channels like 4chan and Reddit, sparking a wave of criticism.

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Adult Swim, which airs Rick and Morty, has not issued a comment as of yet on the video or Harmon's online sabbatical. This comes on the heels of like-minded bloggers bringing up ghosts of the past for director James Gunn, which led to Marvel severing ties with him.

Via Polygon

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