Rick and Morty: 8 Ways The Comics Change Krombopulos Michael's Story

Rick and Morty is the hit animated show that appears on Adult Swim that took the world by storm. It's become a pop culture icon and has inspired countless memes, trends, and knock-offs. The show's existential cosmic humor continues to draw in viewers and fans six years later.

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One of many things the show is excellent at is introducing small but fun characters that become almost instant fan favorites upon their introduction. One such character is the Gromflomite assassin known as Krombopulos Michael, first introduced in the episode "Mortynight Run" buying a weapon from Rick and attempting to assassinate the sentient cloud, Fart. Within the Rick and Morty comics line, we have seen different versions and revelations over Krombopulos' character. Here are 8 different occurrences where Krombopulos was either hanged or expanded upon.

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8 He's Bisexual

For those who have watched the episode in which Krombopulos Michael first appears in, he kisses a locket with clearly has a photo of his wife, Amy. However, in his solo comic, which doesn't align with the main series canon, Krombopulos swings a different direction.

In Rick and Morty Presents Krombopulos Michael #1, Krombopulos Michael is seen describing the origin of his love for killing. In said origin, he's seen exclaiming his love for a clearly male Gromflomite. Whether or not this was a purposeful deviation from the show isn't clear but it certainly makes for interesting character development.

7 He Loves Rick

Krombopulos Michael loves very few things. He loves killing and he loves... Rick Sanchez? In Rick and Morty Presents Krombopulos Michael #1, Krombopulos Michael is thrown into a terrible depression when his boyfriend leaves him due to his love of killing. For a while, Michael doesn't kill, not wanting to partake in the action that drove away the one person he loved. However, Rick Sanchez came crashing into Krombopulos Michael's life and changed all that.

Getting into a firefight around Krombopulos, Rick then enlists his help. This ignites a fire in him and he's back to his killing loving self in no time at all. Krombopulos Michael always remembers this moment and loves Rick for it.

6 Wants To Kill Rick's Family

Krombopulos Michael really loves killing and he really loves Rick, which makes the fact he really wants to kill Rick's family even weirder. He's stated and made clear on multiple occasions that we would very much like to take out Rick's family; Jerry, especially.

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The way Michael sees it, it would be an honor to kill the family of Rick, the person he reveres the most. However, Michael refrains from doing so, seeing as Rick isn't too hot about this idea. This in a way shows Michael's love for Rick might just be grater than his love for killing. Probably not, however.

5 Doesn't Mind Dying

Death is one thing that Michael doesn't mind, seeing as how his whole profession is based around it. However, one wouldn't guess that Michael loves death so much, he doesn't mind dying himself.

The way he puts it, "And if they do find and kill me, so much the better! Killing's killing after all." This shows just how deep Krombopulos Michael is in with his fascination for killing. However, since this took place in the non-canon Rick and Morty Presents Krombopulos Michael #1, it's to be assumed his canon counterpart, who had more to lose, didn't share the same sentiment.

4 His Real Name Isn't Krombopulos

Here's where we start diving into canon expansions upon the character of Krombopulos with the revelation that his real name isn't even Krombopulos. That's right, the silly name that adds to much of the character's fame is nothing but a nickname adopted by the alien. His real name is simply just, Michael.

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The name Krombopulos was given to him by a Galactic Federation sergeant in order to avoid confusion with another Michael on a strike force Krombopulos was recruited onto by the Galactic Federation. The name Krombopulos actually stems from the city where Michael grew up and resided in at the time. He took the name in stride and uses it as his assassin codename.

3 Was A Government Recruited Assassin

As stated before, Michael was recruited by the Galactic Federation onto a covert strike force in order to do their dirty work. This type of environment was perfect for Michael with his love of killing.

He exceeded in his covert strike force, going as far as killing an entire base by himself while the rest of his team slept. When asked why he did this, he responded "I just love it so much." Soon after, Rick befriended Michael and recruited him to the rebellion against the Galactic Federation.

2 Is Religious

One thing that most probably wouldn't be able to guess about Michael is that he's religious. As he states in Rick and Morty #34, "I'm pretty happy just killing and praying to the Supreme Destroyer that I keep living this beautiful perfect life."

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Not much at all is known about Krombopulos Michael's supposed religion but it's clear he believes in something. Although, with his love of killing and death, the fact that his deity of choice is called the Supreme Destroyer isn't much a surprise at all.

1 Wife Took Up Killing After His Death

In the episode, Mortynight Run, it's shown that Krombopulos Michael does indeed have a wife, Amy, but what isn't shown is the context of their relationship. They met after Krombopulos Michael had just finished a hit, bumping into each other and it was love at first sight. Soon they were married and Krombopulos Michael felt love for something else besides killing for once.

However, when Morty killed Krombopulos Michael, his wife was grief-stricken upon hearing the news. In a pile of tears, she made her way to Michael's gear room, brandishes his gun, and on a play on Krombopulos Michael's famous catchphrase, says "Here I go killing now." This implies that Amy is not only going to take up Krombopulos Michael's mantle but may be after the one responsible. The Supreme Destroyer protect his soul.

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