10 Things Rick And Morty Comics Added To Canon

The world of Rick and Morty is crazy. We're not trying to be negative about the series. As a matter of fact, we're all avid fans of the show. But the universe that Rick Sanchez inhabits is absolutely bonkers. Rick and Morty, the hit animated television show meant for adults, is a zany ride.

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And what better way to add to the zaniness by expanding on the show's universe with a healthy dose of comic books? The Rick and Morty comic book issues have added a bunch of things to canon that the average viewer might not be aware of. Read on if you want to know more about the insanity of Rick and Morty's world.

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10 Rick's Plantation

We all know that Rick Sanchez will stoop to the lowest things if it means making his life easier. However, that still doesn't ease the shock at how low he is willing to go. In the comic books, Morty finds out Rick owns a plantation operated by war refugees.

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Things take a turn for the Rick-edly devilish when it is revealed that Rick caused the war the refugees are fleeing from. Can you believe the lengths Rick goes to in order to acquire cheap labor? (And is it even Rick in the first place?)

9 Morty's Friend Nestor

In the show, we never really see Morty hang out with friends his own age. Morty spends most of his time helping out his grandpa during their interdimensional adventures. In one comic book issue, Morty finally makes a friend.

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A boy named Nestor becomes really close with Morty, and Rick is not happy about it. Since Rick has to be Rick, he essentially ruins the friendship with Nestor by kicking him out of Morty's house and revealing a dark secret in Nestor's past.

8 Dimension 304-X

In the world of Rick and Morty, a dimension without Rick Sanchez would hardly be worth living in. That's exactly what Rick and Morty have to contend with in the comics. Dimension 304-X is a dimension where Rick Sanchez was never born, and thus, he never existed. It's hard for Rick fans to swallow, but it is possible for Rick not to be the center of the universe. Somehow, in Dimension 304-X, a genius-level Morty still exists, and he has become the ruling dictator of Earth.

7 The Summer Policy

Summer is perhaps one of the most surprising characters on Rick and Morty. She went from Morty's older sister on the sidelines to one of the toughest fighters in the family in the battle against Rick's interdimensional encounters.

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She's also a practical person. In the comic books, she laid down one of her rules for Morty called the "Summer Policy." According to Summer, you should never go Number Two in a public place, and given the stoic manner in which she said this, we're inclined to believe her.

6 The Rise Of Doofus Jerry

Everybody who has watched a single episode of Rick and Morty knows what a laughingstock Jerry is. However, that is not true of all Jerrys. In one dimension, there exists a "Doofus Jerry," a Jerry that is the complete opposite of most other Jerrys. That means that he is cruel, cunning, and successful. Doofus Jerry can actually beat Rick in a fight. It's terrifying to read, actually. Hopefully, one day, Doofus Jerry will make an appearance on the show to scare the pants off of viewers.

5 The Clackspire Labyrinth

In one of the first comic book issues written about Rick and Morty, it is revealed that Rick built an elaborate prison. It is in the shape of a gargantuan maze, and it is called the Clackspire Labyrinth. "Clackspire" ends up being an anagram of the words "Rick's Place."

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Rick built the prison with the knowledge that he might be sent there one day for interdimensional crimes. As such, he stocked the maze with handy caches for him to find in the case of his eventual imprisonment. Poor Morty is along for the ride as well.

4 Pickle Rick Is Not Alone

We all bust a gut laughing at the antics of Pickle Rick during the third season of Rick and Morty. We weren't the only ones who enjoyed that storyline. Rick himself likes to turn into random inanimate objects and shout his name. In the comics, Skillet Rick, Cactus Rick, and Plumbus Rick have all had their time in the sun. If there is one thing that Rick and Morty has taught us, it's that some humor never gets old.

3 Penp Juice Operation

Of course, Rick Sanchez operates an illegal drug ring. That's the kind of thing that should be par for the course by now. In the comic book series, Rick's Penp Juice operation gets him and Morty into trouble.

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Penp Juice is collected from the body of a Penp, and it produces pleasurable psychotic episodes. Not only does the law show up to stop Rick, but opposing drug dealers also take issue with Rick's sudden appearance on the market.

2 The Rick Revenge Squad

Rick has done a lot of horrible things to perfectly innocent people. In the comics, there is a two-issue run about a group of beings who all have a massive beef with Rick. They form a hit squad whose sole purpose is to attack Rick, through any means necessary. If that means going through Rick's family in order to take him out, that's what the Rick Revenge Squad will do. This serves as a big reminder to never tick off a disgruntled Mr. Meeseeks.

1 Morty's Basketball Career

Morty has never struck viewers as the athletic type. He's a small, scrawny boy who couldn't lift a barbell to save his life. However, when it comes to impressing Jessica, we all know that Morty will go to extreme lengths. Morty uses dangerous technology, courtesy of his familiarity with interdimensional travel, in order to become an insanely popular basketball player. As you can probably surmise, this doesn't end well. It never ends well when Morty tries to be more than he is naturally.

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