The 10 Richest Characters in DC Comics (& How Much They're Worth)

Being a superhero (or villain) doesn't come cheap. Maintaining their endeavors requires quite a bit of funds. They need to be able to pay for their custom costumes with built-in bulletproof capabilities, state-of-the-art hi-tech gadgetry, armored vehicles, and a headquarters to keep it all housed in.

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It's not like superheroes can work a standard 9-to-5 job when they need that time to be saving people. That's why so many heroes happen to be multi-billion dollar business owners before taking up the hero life. DC Comics is filled billionaires turned heroes (or villains). So, here's the 10 richest characters in DC Comics, and how much they're worth!

10 Mr. Terrific - Net Worth: $1 Billion

Michael Holt is an Olympic gold medal winner, has 14 Ph.Ds, and is a brilliant inventor. All which was before he became Mr. Terrific. The third smartest man in the world made his fortune with Holt Industries (or HoltCorp), a high tech company he founded.

He eventually sold his company to Waynetech, earning himself even more money. Mr. Terrific is a hero known for his gadgets, most notably his T-Spheres and T-Mask, and if he focused on his tech more than being a hero, he would certainly be higher on this list. But that wouldn't be very heroic.

9 Ra's al Ghul - Net Worth: $1 Billion

Basically immortal, Ra's al Ghul has had several lifetimes to build his vast wealth. When he's not forming secret assassin organizations, he's spent his many lifetimes collecting jewels, treasures, priceless art, and antiques.

Perhaps Ra's al Ghul's greatest treasure is the Lazarus Pit, the means by which he gains his immortality. You can't put a price on the Lazarus Pit, but at least Ra's is living comfortably between manipulating world events to his own ends, fighting Batman, and spa days in the Lazarus Pit.

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8 Vandal Savage - Net Worth: $2 Billion

Vandal Savage, like Ra's al Ghul, is an immortal who has had countless lifetimes worth of time to amass a huge amount of wealth. Vandal Savage was born Vandar Adg, a Cro-Magnon who gained immortality from a mysterious meteor. He's had several millennia to find his fortune.

While many sources state that his wealth is immeasurable, the closest number we were able to find puts his wealth at approximately $2 billion. Whatever Vandal Savage's net worth actually may be, it's certainly enough to earn him a spot on this list.

7 Maxwell Lord - Net Worth: $3.8 Billion

Maxwell Lord is one of those supervillains that Bond villains aspire to be. He comes up with over-the-top schemes (like mind controlling the Justice League) and throws money at his problems until they go away.

Though he was born into money thanks to a wealthy businessman father, Lord was still able to successfully run the international organization known as Checkmate. Along with his wealth, Lord also uses his psychic powers of persuasion to commit nefarious acts.

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6 Blue Beetle - Net Worth: $5 Billion

Brilliant scientists using their genius to build corporations and make billions is a pretty common occurrence in DC Comics. Ted Kord reluctantly took control of Kord Industries following the death of his father and uses the business to invent and experiment on new tech that he uses as Blue Beetle.

Just like Mr. Terrific, Kord ended up selling Kord Industries to Wayne Enterprises and used his increased wealth to focus on heroism. It also looks like Bruce Wayne is not too fond of corporate competition.

5 Green Arrow - Net Worth: $7 Billion

Oliver Queen was already fortunate enough to be born into the billion dollar corporate dynasty that is Queen Industries, but he also spends his days saving people as the Green Arrow. In a world filled with God-like beings, Green Arrow faces danger with nothing but a bow and arrow, and his own skills.

Sure, Oliver has lost and recovered his fortune multiple times, but when he does have his wealth, he's uses it, and his position as CEO of Queen Industries, to help the less fortunate without any ulterior motives.

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4 Ozymandias - Net Worth: $7 Billion

Like some of the other entries on this list, Adrian Veidt was born into a wealthy family but what makes him interesting is the fact that he gave away his entire inheritance to charity. Starting with nothing, Adrian then used his extraordinary levels of IQ and intelligence to become even wealthier than he was before.

Veidt is the smartest man on the planet, runs a multi-billion dollar corporation, and uses his money for the greater good. If it wasn't for his murder of over three million people in New York City, Adrian Veidt's story would have been one of inspiration.

3 Lex Luthor - Net Worth: $75 Billion

Lex is quite a jump in net worth from the previous entry, but with good reason. Lex Luthor is a self-made billionaire businessman, inventor, philanthropist, and arch-nemesis of Superman. He's always coming up with schemes to either take down Superman, or give himself more power, money, and/or influence.

Luthor has a stake in just about everything, using his fortune to fund foundations, charities, aerospace engineering, oil, real estate ventures, and even his successful presidential campaign. What can we say? He's a busy man.

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2 Batman - Net Worth: $80 Billion

The second richest character in DC Comics is none other than Bruce Wayne. After inheriting a fortune dating back generations, Bruce uses his position as the owner of Wayne Enterprises to find better methods of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, green energy, and biotech. He also uses the Wayne Foundation to reduce poverty and crime.

When he's not using his fortune in public social programs, he's using it to bankroll his tech as Batman, whether it's his gadgets and equipment, his personal satellites, or his collection of batmobiles, batplanes, and various other bat-vehicles. Imagine how much more money he'd have if he didn't use it on bat-gadgets.

1 Aquaman - Net Worth: $150 Trillion

It's a bit surprising to see Aquaman top this list, but it makes sense when you think about it. As the king of Atlantis, Aquaman rules over 70% of the Earth's surface and technically owns everything within the seven seas. That means all the gold, oil, diamonds, rubies, etc. yet to be found in the ocean belongs to him.

In shipwreck treasure alone, Aquaman estimates he has $60 billion. We weren't able to find a definitive number for Aquaman's net worth, but the closest we found was $150 trillion based on the amount of gold there is in the oceans by the current value of gold per ounce. Needless to say, whatever Aquaman's worth actually is, it's ridiculously high.

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