Richard Isanove Brings "Wrath" To All-New Marvel NOW!

Third time's the charm for the latest teaser for Marvel Comics' New York Comic Con 2013 teaser images promoting its All-New Marvel NOW! announcements, as Richard Isanove takes on a "Wrath"-related series. Revealed via Twitter, Isanove is the only creative talent listed, implying he'll take on both writing and art for the mystery series.

Isanove has done interiors for Marvel before in backstory for "The Dark Tower" miniseries as well as "X-Men: Unlimited" #48, though he may be best known for his work coloring a number of interiors and covers -- including Andy Kubert's pencils on "Wolverine: Origin." However, this series would be the first in which Isanove is credited as both writer and artist.

The word choice and color scheme make it a decent match for Wolverine -- and given that there are currently only two Wolverine-centric series, there are three likely possibilities for the Isanove's "Wrath" series: he'll take over "Wolverine" from Paul Cornell, he's one of the rotating creators for "Savage Wolverine" or he's heading up a new series altogether.

Regardless, more will come to light during NYCC, specifically during the Amazing X-Men and Marvel Universe panel on October 11 at 11:00 AM ET. Stay tuned to CBR for complete coverage of all Marvel's announcements during NYCC.

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