Richard Erdman, Community Star and Veteran Actor, Passes Away

Richard Erdman

Actor Richard Erdman, well known for his role as Leonard Rodriguez on the NBC series Community, has passed away at age 93.

Erdman appeared on popular sitcom on a recurring basis from its beginning in 2009 up until its end in 2015, appearing in 53 of the show's 110 episodes. During this time, the character of Leonard became a fan-favorite for the humorous ways in which he would frequently insult and antagonize the main characters during their time at Greendale Community College.

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Still, while Leonard would frequently butt heads with his classmates on-screen, Erdman himself was beloved by his castmates, with numerous Greendale alumni paying tribute to the late actor on social media.

"Rest in Peace, Richard," Community star Ken Jeong tweeted. "Thank you for blessing us with your brilliance."

"I knew the day we'd have to say goodbye to this lovely man would come sooner than any of us were ready," added Yvette Nicole Brown, another one of Erdman's former castmates. "[Richard Erdman] was a joy walking. Anyone who saw him on [Community] gleefully stealing every scene he was in knows that's true."

"Such a good and funny man," wrote Community lead Joel McHale. "We'll miss you 'Leonard.'"

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However, Erdman was not only on Community, and the actor had an extensive career that spanned over over seven decades. During that time, he amassed a résumé that was full of noteworthy credits. Among numerous other roles, he appeared as Sgt. Hoffman in Stalag 17, McNulty in The Twilight Zone and Mr. Zeider in the '70s live-action Amazing Spider-Man series.

Erdman also did voice-over work on occasion. The Oklahoma-born actor lent his talents to the original DuckTales , the cult-classic The Pirates of Dark Water and a small role in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

The cause of Erdman's death has not been released.

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