Richard Corben draws "Bigfoot" for Niles & Zombie

For almost fourty years now artist Richard Corben has brought his unique style to horror comics. Starting out in the comics underground of the late 1960s, Corben has gone on to draw thousands of comics and covers. In recent years his work has graced the front covers of "Swamp Thing" for DC, "The Punisher: The End" for Marvel and many others. Corben has a new project to work on for 2005, the previously announced "Bigfoot." The series is written by Steve Niles and Rob Zombie, a product of their Creep International production banner, and published through IDW Publishing. Corben replaces the previously announced artist Joker IX from Malaysia. The full press release is reprinted below and CBR News has an exclusive first look at initial character sketches by Corben for "Bigfoot."

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA, September 7, 2004-Bigfoot is coming for you. If you're afraid of things that go bump in the night… things that not only go bump but also rip and tear at your flesh… then this Sasquatch tale is for you.

Bigfoot, a four-issue mini-series coming from IDW in early 2005, teams up horror master Steve Niles with heavy metal terror Rob Zombie as they collaborate on a story that will make your flesh feel like it has crawled off your bones.

Possibly the biggest news is that Bigfoot brings award-winning artist Richard Corben back to his horror roots. Corben will employ his master craftsman's touch on all four issues, providing pencils and inks on both covers and interiors.

"When I think of horror and comics, Richard Corben is one of the first names that comes into my head," said Niles. "I still can't believe I'm working with him. I remember having my mom take a Corben book away from me as a kid. Now maybe some kid will have Bigfoot yanked away from him by his parent!"

Bigfoot is the most realistic story of what it would be like if there were a huge, hairy creature stomping around the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is real… and he's not happy with mankind. The story promises exciting twists in this story of who is hunting whom.

"No matter what anyone says I'm still convinced that Bigfoot is 100 percent real," adds Zombie. "This comic is the first step in proving that a giant ape-man is still haunting the woodlands of America."

Niles. Zombie. Corben. Bigfoot. What else needs to be said? Just this, according to IDW's editor-in-chief, Chris Ryall.

"I've been waiting for a good Bigfoot story ever since my childhood, when they botched that Six Million Dollar Man two-parter by revealing him to be a robot," Ryall said. "And while I know Niles and Zombie are gonna give me that, having a guy as talented as Richard Corben deliver art on a horrific tale like this reduces me to excited fanboy status along with the rest of you."

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