Rich Veitch's "The Maximortal" Gets New Printing for April

Official Press Release

Seven years before "The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay", Rick Veitch married the larcenous history of the comic book business to the outrageous themes and characters of his infamous BRAT PACK, creating one of the most startling and uncompromising visions of the superhero ever put to paper. King Hell Press is pleased to announce the April release of a new edition of Veitch's classic Eisner nominated graphic novel, THE MAXIMORTAL.

Like BRAT PACK before it, THE MAXIMORTAL takes the underpinnings of our most beloved four color superhero archetypes and turns them to silly putty with a razor sharp edge. Equal parts horror, humor, history and rock-em sock-em action, THE MAXIMORTAL is an authentic cult classic that is definitely not for kids (or the faint of heart.)

"After all these years, and all the many lovely superhero satires that have been done, I think THE MAXIMORTAL still stands right up there with BRAT PACK as one of the most twisted takes on comics culture anyone is likely to encounter," said Veitch. "The book may not be for everyone, but for readers who might find themselves getting a little overstuffed by the same-old same-old in comics, THE MAXIMORTAL is the perfect antidote."

THE MAXIMORTAL tells the tale of an idea so perfectly suited to an age that it makes itself manifest in reality. What seems to be a simple fantasy created in 1937 by two kids from Slumburg, is also embodied in a living creature encased in a meteorite in 1918. As these two tracks intertwine across the course of the twentieth century, they touch the lives of some of the most famous people of the age, played against the backdrop of the sordid history of comics.

THE MAXIMORTAL includes an expanded and updated "Curse of the Superman" by Veitch, in which he lays out the surprising political and cultural origins of the Superman and reports on some of the startling historical coincidences that have been associated with it over the last century.

THE MAXIMORTAL is in February PREVIEWS under "KING HELL". It ships in late April.

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