Rich Tommaso dumps print for Web

Fed up with trying to get his work published in more traditional American markets, cartoonist Rich Tommaso (Perverso, Miriam) has opted out of the whole book publishing thing and decided to join the Webcomic world and take his stuff online:

For the past two years I've been sending art via email to countless publishing houses only to receive in return nothing but "I dunno"s or "It's not 300 pages". However, a collected French editon of Miriam (collecting issue #1 and a new 65-page body of work) will be published and shall appear only in the bookshops of France (and on my website, of course). It will be a two-color, hardcover edition released by Editions Ca Et La in April of 2010. But no love for Tommaso here in the states, so I'm releasing ALL FIVE of the comics I've been working on for the past two years for FREE online. Every day a new page of one of my comics will be posted here on this website in color.

There's some really nice looking material here, including Viking's End, based on a Norse myth, so you may want to make this a daily stop on your Internet travels. (via)

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