Rich shows us his spinner rack, statues, Moebius and more

Happy January and welcome to Shelf Porn. You've got shelves, we've got a blog ... and then the magic happens. Today Rich shows us his collection of statues, graphic novels, animation cels and a pretty awesome Batman sketch by Moebius.

If you’d like to see your collection here, drop me an email at jkparkin@yahoo.com with a brief write-up and some jpgs.

And now here is Rich ...


Hi. My name is Rich. I have been collecting comics since I was 7 years old. I am all grown up now and am fortunate enough to have a room in my house that I was able to dedicate as my "gallery." In addition to the gallery, I have about 40,000 comics and a few hundred toys.

Outside the gallery is my spin rack which is adorned with DC Showcase volumes. Behind the spin rack is the original art to covers that I inked: Thundergod #1 from Crusade Comics and Acolyte Chronicles #1 from the Azure Press.

Inside the gallery to the right, is a built-in shelf that displays some of the WB store line of animated statues (top) and the DC Direct line of their animated statues (below). Above the statues are some of the WB store line of Batman Animated plates. To the right of the statue is an original cel to one of the Batman cartoons.

Below the built-in shelf is a bookcase that shows more WB store statues (bottom), DC Direct Teen Titans statues (middle), and random DC Direct statues and the WB store animated Batmobile statue (top).

To the right of the bookcase is DC Direct’s Kingdom Come Superman, Electric Tiki’s Greatest American Hero, and Dark Horse’s Hellboy.

In the far right corner are DC Direct wall plaques and more WB store animated cels and limited edition pieces.

More WB limited edition pieces, original Superman animated cel, and Alex Ross plates.

More WB limited edition pieces and Alex Ross plates.

Opposite the animat ion wall are three curios filled with Bowen busts. On top are some DC direct JLA busts and Gentle Giant Star Wars busts. Behind are more WB store Batman animated pieces.

Close up of the Bowen curios. Unfortunately, the original Thor’s helmet wings broke in transit. I think my first bust was the Dave Cockrum Cyclops.

Adjacent to the gallery is a playroom for my kids. I have 2 bookcases filled with my stuff. This photo shows the bookcase containing Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek and other books.

I pulled out my Dark Knight Returns French edition to show a Batman headshot illustrated by the late Moebius during a visit to a comic book store in Philadelphia in 1992.

The front rows of the wall of Muggs.

Started collecting Hot Toys in October. Here is what I have so far. I need to figure out the best way to display them. Any suggestions?

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