Rich Johnston's new site: BleedingCool.com

First off, congrats and farewell to Rich Johnston, who is moving on from Comic Book Resources and Lying in the Gutters to a brand new opportunity.

But what is that new opportunity, exactly? Rich revealed a little bit about it via Twitter and on the WhiteChapel message board yesterday. "Next Monday. A new blogsite begins. BleedingCool.com. Imagine LITG four times a day, seven days a week. Bookmark the site... NOW!" he said on Twitter.

The site, BleedingCool.com, is currently showing a countdown clock:

And on WhiteChapel, he revealed the new site is being funded by Avatar Press, "who have promised a hands-off editorial process, but whom I'll give an Avatar Plug Of The Week to to keep them happy," he wrote.

But Rich isn't the only one contributing to the site; Warren Ellis posted on his blog that he'll be writing something for it every week as well.

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