Rich Henn's 'Zoomies' debuts at CCI San Diego

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"It's hard to fly over the cuckoo's nest when you're a Henn trapped in a cage."

Comic Con International: San Diego will not only mark the world premiere screening of Rich Henn's 2 ½ years-in-the-making documentary opus, "Scenes From the Small Press: The Road to SPX," it will also mark Henn's return to the self-publishing world. Henn, previously known for his critically acclaimed supernatural thriller, TIMESPELL, took a hiatus to film a documentary series about the world of self-publishing, as well as the comic book industry in general. Until now, his only other printed work, ZOOMIES, was seen as a back-up feature in the pages of Carla Speed McNeil's FINDER.

"The reaction to ZOOMIES over the past 18 months has been simply outstanding. I couldn't ask for a better response if I paid people," said Henn. "My buddy Carla had been telling me for ages that I should be putting these stories to paper. But the truth of the matter was, I simply wasn't ready. I didn't want to start another big project until I got at least one of the previous projects out of the way."

For those of you unfamiliar with Rich Henn's ZOOMIES, it's quite simply put… the kind of stuff you just can't make up. They are the real life stories of one young boy's journey through life with a varying assortment of mental patients. The quick pitch; "The Wonder Years meets One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."

"Growing up in my house was like living with Archie Bunker - if he ran a mental institution," said Henn. "My parents had this huge farm in the hills of upstate New York. It was so far removed from the rest of society that even Daniel Boone would be hard-pressed to blaze a trail out of there. My parents discovered that they could make some extra money from the State by opening their home to the mentally ill and taking care of them. Some people have foster kids… my parents had foster nutballs."

The stories that Henn relays in the pages of ZOOMIES are unlike anything you've ever seen. They are simply the most original, unique, and horrifyingly true tales of what it was like to grow up amongst the mentally ill. Henn has collected these stories, along with some new material, into an extremely limited edition comic book (500 copies) exclusive to Comic Con. Each copy will be signed and numbered by Henn, and once they're gone, they're gone. With a beautiful cover painting rendered by artist Ken Meyer, Jr., and lavish pencils and inks (as well as scripting) by Rich Henn, this book promises to be a sure-fire hit.

To quote one of the earliest reviews thus far on the project; "This is a slice of life that begs to be discovered. You haven't read, seen or heard of anything like it."-Zentertainment.com

Or as creator Rich Henn puts it, "Not everyone can say they grew up in a nuthouse. Lucky me."

Be sure to stop by Rich Henn's booth at the Cold Cut Indy Island Pavilion at the Comic Con International: San Diego, for your copy of "ZOOMIES." Henn will also be selling collections of TIMESPELL and DVD copies of his comic book documentary, "MAINSTREAM RAW."

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