Rich Buckler, Deathlok & All-Star Squadron Co-Creator, Has Died

Revered artist Rich Buckler, known for this work throughout the '70s and '80s at Marvel and DC Comics, died Friday at the age of 68 after a long-fought battle with cancer. The news was confirmed by friends and family, in addition to his former collaborator and editor at Marvel, Roy Thomas.

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Known for his work on titles such as Fantastic Four, Astonishing Tales, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane and Jonah Hex, Buckler also co-created the popular Marvel character Deathlok (who first appeared in 1974's Astonishing Tales #25) and the DC Comics super-team All-Star Squadron.

One of Buckler's first-published comics works was 1968's Flash Gordon #10 published by King Features. He later contributed to the Black Panther-centric title Jungle Action with writer Don McGregor, before his two-year stint as regular artist on Fantastic Four, beginning in 1974. Buckler is also known for his work alongside Peter David on the "Death of Jean DeWolff" storyline -- which is often considered one of the greatest Spider-Man comics of all time -- in Spectacular Spider-Man.

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Buckler is among the artists who influenced the legendary George Perez, who was Buckler's studio assistant and broke into comics in 1973.

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