Ri-pic-ulous: 15 Hilarious Pictures Of MCU Actors (Before They Were Famous)

MCU stars before famous

Don’t you just hate it when you bring home a boyfriend or girlfriend and your mom decides to pull out the old photo album containing photographed evidence of each and every embarrassing moment in your entire life? Every bad haircut, school recital, that heavy metal phase you went through, puffy prom dresses and absurd tuxes -- this album has got it all and once it’s out of the drawer all you can do is wish the ground would swallow you up. Unfortunately, you’re trapped in this awkward moment without a way out, forced to relive every painful moment from your childhood and teenage years.

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What we often tend to forget in those situations is that absolutely everyone has these hilarious old photos that parents, for some unknown reason, like to showcase to the world. But instead of being embarrassed by them, we should embrace them and have some fun. Look at all the huge movie stars sharing Throwback Thursday photos from back when they were mere humans like us. Even MCU actors have hilarious photos floating around the Internet. So, don’t let your mom embarrass you when you can do it yourself. But first, feast your eyes on 15 hilarious pictures of MCU actors before they were famous.

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Robert Downey Jr. SNL
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Robert Downey Jr. SNL

At this moment, Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Ever since Iron Man hit the theaters in 2008, Robert Downey Jr. has been the face of the MCU. Fans all over the world are absolutely crazy about Iron Man, whom they usually identify with the actor. However, before he reached his current insane levels of fame, RDJ had some rather embarrassingly hilarious moments.

Back in 1985, the 20-year old Robert had essentially no career to speak of, save for some Off-Broadway plays and a couple of mediocre movies. He got his first big break on Saturday Night Live and completely blew it. The picture you see above is from one of his skits. Obviously, RDJ has since stepped up his game and like wine only gets better with age.


Chris Pratt Class Clown

Chris Pratt is pretty much known as a funny guy. As Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt has made us laugh out loud more times than we can count. Prior to donning on his superhero outfit, Pratt had already established himself as a comedic actor with roles in movies such as What’s Your Number and even more so in the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation.

But even before he was famous, Chris Pratt had a knack for comedy. In his high school years, the actor was also voted Class Clown. As the high school yearbook photo illustrates, Pratt was no stranger to skits when it came to entertaining his classmates. Pratt's high school is very proud of his achievements and has voted him in the school's Vikings Hall of Fame.


Mark Ruffalo Clearasil

Before he hulked out, Mark Ruffalo was best known for movies such as 13 Going 30 and The Kids Are Alright. In 2012, Ruffalo was cast as Bruce Banner in Marvel’s The Avengers after Edward Norton dropped out. Now, thanks to the MCU and movies such as Spotlight, Ruffalo enjoys worldwide recognition.

However, his early beginnings weren’t so hot. Back in 1989, Ruffalo appeared in a commercial for Clearasil Double Clear. In the commercial Ruffalo has a problem with pimples and double zaps them with Clearasil pads to make them go away. Last year, when Ruffalo visited The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel reminded him of his early work, to which Ruffalo commented that he was hired because the director thought he seemed like he came right off the street and couldn’t act at all.


Paul Rudd’s curly hair has been stylized in many different ways. His curly hair is somewhat of a trademark and the actor has more often than not sported his curls no matter the haircut. If you’re a fan Friends, and you really should be, you probably remember his casual curly hairdo from the early '00s. Recently, Rudd has cut his hair short, which is how we saw him in the MCU.

However, a long time ago, before he was even an actor, let alone the star of a Marvel movie, Paul Rudd apparently didn’t care all that much about hairdressers. This hilarious photo from Rudd’s yearbook was taken back in the ‘80s and represents the era in the best possible way. With this frizzy hair, Rudd looks like he should be on stage with Jon Bon Jovi.


Jeremy Renner

Something we can all pretty much agree on is that we never ever want to see our prom photos again. The girls usually put on ridiculous dresses that after a couple of years have passed can only be labeled as "what were you thinking", while the guys often end up in over-the-top silly-looking tuxes. Point in question, Jeremy Renner’s Throwback Thursday prom photo.

Renner sported an all-white tux with pink decorations to match his date’s prom dress. Years later and the actor is wondering as to why his tux had to match her dress. Looking at this hilarious photo we can’t help but ask the same question. And to top it all off, Renner decided to go with the mullet as his haircut of choice for this special occasion.


Chris Evans Opposite Sex

Chris Evans put on some serious muscle in order to play Captain America in the MCU. The actor’s impressive figure can easily put to shame all of his MCU co-stars. But even before he was Steve Rogers, Evans wasn’t too shabby. After all, he did play a superhero on a previous occasion, specifically the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four franchise.

However, even Chris Evens was only human at one point. This adorable teen photo of Chris Evans was taken for the Opposite Sex photoshoot back in 1999. Opposite Sex was a short-lived Fox television series which starred familiar faces such as Milo Ventimiglia, Kyle Howard and Allison Mack along with the future Captain America. Well, if not for anything else, we should appreciate it for this photo of Cap.


Natalie Portman and Lukas Haas

Thor actress Natalie Portman is now happily married to her husband, French ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied. The couple met while filming Portman’s critically acclaimed movie Black Swan in 2009. However, years before she met Benjamin, Natalie Portman dated actor and musician Lukas Haas for about three years. At the time they met the actress was 16 years old, while her boyfriend was five years older than her.

Natalie Portman and Lukas Haas have been apart for more than a decade, however, hilarious photos of the couple sporting stylish 2000s outfits still roam the Internet. The hilarious photo you see above was taken at the 2nd Annual MTV TRL Awards back in 2004. Honestly, we don’t know what’s funnier Natalie’s "I heart Luke Lapel" T-shirt or the fact that she’s wearing it Sheldon-style.


Ming-Na Wen As The World Turns

Most of us remember Ming-Na Wen from television series such as ER or Stargate: Universe. But before any of that, the future Agent Melinda May appeared on the 1956 soap opera As the World Turns. Obviously, Ming-Na Wen could not have been part of the show from the beginning, but she was on the show for three years from 1988 to 1991.

As the World Turns was Ming-Na Wen’s first television acting job and we’ve managed to find some pretty funny photos of the actress before she became famous. Clearly her character is in some kind of a love triangle with these two fine young gentlemen, as the first law of soap opera requires. Now, we’re not gonna spend much time giggling at this one since we’d very much like to avoid being absolutely destroyed by The Cavalry.


Jon Favreau PCU

Tony Stark’s chauffeur, Mr. Happy Hogan has appeared in a number of comedy movies and TV shows, such as Friends, Seinfeld and Chef. However, before he got his big break, Jon Favreau starred in the 1994 comedy movie PCU. In a movie about a high school senior who visits a college campus for the weekend, Favreau plays a college senior named Gutter. A dumb but lovable dreadlocks stoner.

Recently, Favreau recalled the experience of working on PCU and commented that although it was amazing, his happiest moment was when he finally pulled the dreadlocks out of his hair. According to the actor, he spent nine hours getting dreadlocks woven into his hair and couldn’t wait to get them off. After finally getting rid of the dreadlocks and washing his hair, Favreau felt reborn.


Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg may well be the most likable member of the MCU. Ever since his first appearance in The Avengers, Clark Gregg and his alter-ego Agent Phil Coulson easily became everyone’s favorites. So, when it was announced that Agent Coulson will be back to lead his own team in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the fans were overjoyed. Gregg's television series is expected to be back for its fifth season in December this year and we're all super excited to see what it brings.

Last season, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. treated us to a throwback episode featuring younger versions of Coulson and May. Still, in case you ever wondered what the actor looked like back when he was young enough to sit on Santa’s lap, here’s a photo to satisfy your curiosity. Gregg doesn't appear to be very happy though. Maybe he didn't get the present he asked for?


Brie Larson

Academy Award winner, Brie Larson has yet to make her MCU debut in her upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Her casting was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, which doesn’t come as a surprise considering Larson's previous work. Most of us know Brie Larson from movies such as Short Term 12, Room and Kong: Skull Island.

But before she started getting those big movie parts, Brie Larson starred in the short-lived 2001 sitcom Raising Dad. The show revolved around a widower trying to raise his two daughters with the help of his father. The above photo was reportedly taken somewhere around that time. Larson’s hairstyle and clothes were clearly inspired by the most popular star of the 2000s, Britney Spears. She’s even holding a hula hoop.


Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Strange, Alan Turing. Benedict Cumberbatch has been the world’s greatest detective, sorcerer supreme and a genius inventor. Over the years, this British actor has built an impressive career by starring in critically acclaimed movies, television series as well as plays. Even if you’re not sure how his name is pronounced, you undoubtedly know who he is.

But what was Benedict Cumberbatch like before all the fame? Well, no need to wonder anymore. Here’s a photo of a very young Benedict Cumberbatch posing in the garden. With his blond hair and bowl haircut, Cumberbatch reminds us of Dennis from Dennis the Menace. Although, it’s kind of hard to imagine the disciplined and well-mannered Cumberbatch doing anything mischievous even at a such young age.


Chris Hemsworth Dancing With The Stars

Chris Hemsworth rose to fame by playing the Lord... sorry… God of Thunder in the MCU. Prior to landing the role of Thor, Hemswoth’s filmography included Star Trek, the horror flick A Perfect Getaway and the crime thriller Ca$h. However, he also did some television appearances such as the Australian soap opera Home and Away, as well as the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars Australia.

In 2006, Chris Hemsworth partnered up with professional dancer Abbey Ross and showed off his dance moves. Apparently, Hemsworth can cut the rug, given that he danced his way up to week six. But the best part of Hemsworth's Dancing with the Stars adventure are hilarious photos of him on the dance floor. Behold, it is Thor, the God of Dance.


Tom Hiddleston

Loki, the God of Mischief never fails to entertain. So far, Tom Hiddleston has played Loki in four movies, making his MCU debut in Thor. Every time Loki appears on the big screen the fans know for certain they are about to witness some kind of an evil plan. However, looking at these old photos of a young Tom Hiddleston, it is hard to believe that such an adorable face can possibly do harm.

Before he grew into the handsome actor we know him to be, Tom Hiddleston was a geeky curly-haired drama student. Both pictures are absolutely hilarious and adorable. Especially the one on the left, where Hiddleston kind of looks like a younger, curlier and blonder version of How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby. He’s got the right outfit and the boyish smile to complement it.


Krysten Ritter Haircut

Krysten Ritter truly is the perfect Jessica Jones and one of the reasons is her long black hair. However, back when her parents were still deciding on how to cut her hair, Krysten’s hair wasn’t allowed to grow that long. We all have haircuts that we regret and, more often than not, they were inflicted upon us by our loving parents.

A couple of years back, Krysten Ritter shared a hilarious late ‘80s childhood photo of her sporting the famous bowl haircut, captioning it "thanks mom and dad for the awesome haircut". Dressed in her Glo Worm pajamas and surrounded by unwrapped presents, Krysten seems to be enjoying a new set of headphones. Clearly, she didn’t resent her parents for the haircut at the time.

Which of these photos do you think is the most hilarious? Let us know in the comments!

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