Rhino Goes on a Rampage in Activision's "Amazing Spider-Man"

We've got some good news and bad news for you. The good news is, you'll be able to shoot webs and go zipping through New York City with "The Amazing Spider-Man" before the movie hits theaters. The bad news is, a familiar foe will make sure you have your work cut out for you.

Activision, together with the development team at Beenox, have revealed a new gameplay trailer for its video game adaptation of "The Amazing Spider-Man", which posted Thursday evening at IGN.com. In addition to introducing the Rhino to the post-movie universe, the trailer seems designed to give us a better understanding of the webslinger's capabilities when it comes to fighting bad guys. Not only can he subdue them with up-close punch and kick attacks, but he can also engage in a number of grab moves, including one where he flips them over using his feet. His web abilities also play a huge part in taking down opponents, including wrapping them up into a web ball and flinging them away, or rapid-firing web shots to temporarily disable them.

Beyond showcasing Spidey's fighting skills, the trailer also shows off the hero's free-flowing movement throughout New York City, whether it's moving rapidly from building to building or simply swinging around the city. As we discussed in an earlier article, this is part of the game's open-world environment, which allows you to explore New York City as you complete missions.

However, the trailer also introduces one very big problem in the form of the Rhino, a long-time nemesis of the wall crawler. First introduced in "Amazing Spider-Man #41-43" in 1966, the villain taking the spotlight in this trailer has bonded a super-strengthened polymer to his skin, increasing his strength and speed, enabling him to run roughshod over anyone in his way, a skill he's more than happy to show off in the trailer. Moviegoers won't be seeing the Rhino on the big screen, however, since the game takes place in the post-film world. He is one of the main enemies you'll face in the game, along with the Lizard and several more yet-to-be-revealed members of Spidey's rogues gallery, and you'll have to figure out a way to subdue his charging attacks and somehow have enough of a forceful impact to bring him down.

Finally, Activision has also announced an official release date for "The Amazing Spider-Man," telling us it will be hitting stores on June 26, a week before the movie opens in theaters on July 3. It's expected to release for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and both of Nintendo's gaming handhelds, the regular DS and the 3DS. Each version will take advantage of Spidey's powers, with the Wii taking advantage of its motion controls and the handheld versions' touch-screen capabilities. It's also possible, but not yet confirmed, that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions could have online compatibility, with certain missions possibly having leaderboard support, allowing you to compare your best times with friends.

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