Image Comics and Frazetta Comics are please to announce yet another title added to the Frazettaverse in its 2009 line up, Frank Frazetta¹s Freedom. An earlier announcement by Jay Fotos stated that ³We wanted to mix it up with our new titles, from the beginning we wanted to do war or western books. Frazetta has a nice stable of paintings for each, but to play it safe out the gate we went more 'fantasy/adventure,' I think we made our mark with that. I'm not saying we are moving away from it, just it's time to bring in the other titles to spread our wings a bit, broadening the Frazetta line.² Fotos ads ³Mark Kidwell(of Frazetta¹s Dark Kingdom fame) came up with an amazing concept for this story and getting John Cboins(of Image/Shadowline¹s Graveslinger fame) on the art duties is a perfect match!²

Kidwell gave us a breakdown on what to expect from this one shot westernÅ 

The key theme behind the story in ³FREEDOM² is the blurring of the lines between historical fact and the exaggerated ³Legend Building² that inevitably grew around the key figures in the saga of the old west. Looming figures like Wild Bill Hickock, Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid, while legends in truth and action, were blown to impossible heroic proportions by the dime novels of the age. Enter ³Flash² Feeney, the Freedom Kid and his faithful scribe and chronicler Aloysius Pendrake. Arriving in the lawless boomtown of Deadwood, South Dakota three months after the murder of Wild Bill, the two set out to build an unparalleled myth that will sell enough trashy adventure pamphlets to allow them to hang up their six-guns for good.

Unfortunately, legends are not immune to the truth - or a hail of hot lead.

Expect to see Frank Frazetta¹s Freedom hit early ¹09 and make sure and stop by the Frazetta Comics Forum over at www.imagecomics.com and www.myspace.com/frazettacomics for all things Frazetta Comics!

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