Reynolds Says Now is the Time for "Deadpool," Worries for Michael B. Jordan After "Fantastic Four"

In an interview with GQ, which stretches from his adventures as a father on social media to beating out Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake for the title role in "Green Lantern" only to see the planned movie franchise fizzle after one installment, Ryan Reynolds covers the breadth of his life and career. But while much of the conversation wonders what could have been, when it comes to "Deadpool," the actor shifts to what will be. Namely, his belief that despite the recent massive failure of "Fantastic Four," another Fox franchise hopeful, this is the perfect time for the Merc with a Mouth to make his big screen debut.

"It's a genre. There are good horror movies and bad horror movies. There are good comedies and bad comedies," Reynolds said of FF's failure. "Think of it like that. Think of it less about just superheroes. I do believe that they explore similar archetypes a lot, so I think that notion can be somewhat fatiguing, maybe. I think one of the reasons that 'Deadpool' has gained a lot of momentum isn't just that it's funny or isn't just that it's rated R. The meta aspect is very important.

"I think 'Deadpool's' coming along at the right time," Reynolds continued. "Because it's also speaking to that generation and that group of people that have seen them all, seen all these comic-book films and enjoyed them all to varying degrees of success. But I think it's speaking to them as though the guy in that red suit is one of them, to some degree."

As previously mentioned, this isn't Reynolds' first go at a superhero franchise. The failure of his Green Lantern to take hold gives the actor a unique viewpoint when looking at the recent failure of "Fantastic Four" and how its cast can bounce back.

"You know, Miles Teller's gonna recover," Reynolds said of one of "Fantastic Four's" leads. "Miles Teller's gonna go on to do amazing things, you know. It's important that Michael B. Jordan continues to go on and do amazing things.

"I know it's not easy for a black actor," Reynolds continued, answering a question about the difficulties faced by black and white actors. "It's not easy for a female actor. It's not easy for a lot of people that are... That entire cast is amazingly talented. And I wouldn't wish that on anybody. I mean, I know what that feels like. It doesn't feel good. And it also is difficult, because you don't feel like you can control that outcome. You know, as much as you want to. You can't really."

"Deadpool" opens on February 12, 2016.

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