Reynolds: "Cable and Deadpool" Movie Is "Being Talked About"

The possibility of a "Cable and Deadpool" movie was teased at last night's fan event for the "Deadpool" film.

"Deadpool" director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds appeared at the NYC fan event to take questions, and when fans yelled "Sequel!" and "Cable and Deadpool!" at one point during the panel, Reynolds optimistically responded: "Your lips to God's ears, my friend...Believe me, that's being talked about."

Miller teased the idea of Cable being in a "Deadpool" sequel before -- should the movie get green-lit -- but this is the first we've heard of a full-on team-up movie, based on the characters' friendship, which was explored in Fabian Nicieza's beloved "Cable & Deadpool" run from last decade.

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Of course, Cable could naturally star in the possible X-Force movie -- which had its concept art released a while back -- but there's no confirmation that the movie is moving forward.

Either way, when will we be seeing Cable on the big screen?

Additionally, Miller was asked at the fan event which character he wishes he was able to use in "Deadpool" but couldn't -- to which he replied, "Taskmaster. We all [wanted him]." Miller went on to say that when Marvel contacted 20th Century Fox about the rights, "the studio just called us back and said 'cha-ching.'"

"Deadpool" hits screens on February 12.

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