Reykjavík Renames City Street For Darth Vader, Empire Rejoices

It may be years since he lorded over the galactic empire with an iron fist, but Darth Vader is still pulling some weight in political matters.

Boing Boing caught that the Iceland's capital city Reykjavík recently approved a plan for a street to be renamed "Blackhead" which is what Anakin Skywalker's evil alter ego goes by in that country's translation of Star Wars:

Icelanders usually develop new Icelandic terms for new or modern concepts and phenomena. When the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977 the name of Darth Vader was translated as Blackhead.

The street which has now been renamed had previously been called Bratthöfði, and is in the Höfði industrial district. Every street in the Höfði district ends with the word höfði, which can mean both the body part head, or the geographic feature cape. Bratthöfði, for example, means Steep-cape, but will now be called Svarthöfði.

No word yet on weather citizens will be using Vader GPS to navigate the newly named road.

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