The Last Jedi: 15 Insane Fan Theories About Rey That Might Actually Be True

It’s been a long time since The Force Awakens plunged us into the future of Star Wars, Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, General Leia and Luke Skywalker. And because it’s set in a galaxy far far away, there are bound to be some mysteries and problems lying in wait to cause trouble for the new generation of heroes. One of the most obvious to come from The Force Awakens, was the identity of Rey. Because we don’t know all that much about her, only that she was abandoned on Jakku as a child, is waiting for her parents/loved ones to come back for her.

Oh, and the small unimportant fact that she can use the Force, Anakin’s old lightsaber was calling to her and she ends the film meeting Luke Skywalker. No biggie. So who is Rey? Her identity has been thought over and theorized about since the credits began to roll. Some of these theories are well thought out, use multiple layers from across the Star Wars Universe with numerous characters involved, and others are so simple that they just might work because they’re too obvious. CBR brings you 15 fan theories about Rey that might be true.


Her parentage is such a mystery, because she has no parents whatsoever. In fact, the first theory is that she’s actually a clone. And it gets stranger as the theory states that she’s actually the clone of Luke Skywalker himself. This is based off the idea that Emperor Palpatine had the hand Luke lost at the end of Empire Strikes Back and cloned him.

It’s not like we haven’t seen clones before, after all the Republic’s clone army saved the Jedi during the appropriately named Attack of the Clones. Mike Zeroh, the theorist behind the idea, notes that the DNA from the hand could’ve been used to create another version of the hero that the Emperor could manipulate. We’re not sure where the leap would be from male to female, but in a galaxy far, far away -- it’s not the most outlandish idea.



Supreme Leader Snoke seems to be the puppet master behind the First Order, General Hux and more importantly, Kylo Ren. And when this mysterious villain learns of Rey’s existence, he orders Kylo to bring the young Force user to him. It’s strange how immediately desperate he becomes when learning about Rey, as if there’s a definitive connection between them.

We’ve already seen the parallel between The Force Awakens and A New Hope, it would make sense that The Last Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back would also relate to each other. Much like the iconic Darth Vader reveal to Luke, perhaps we’re in store for a similar revelation for Rey and Snoke. Whether it’s the parental relation or something similar, it’s possible the two have met before.


The most obvious out of all the current Rey theories, is that she’s the daughter of Luke Skywalker. Whilst it’s not exactly clear where Luke has been in the years between the original trilogy, it wouldn’t be too difficult to pair him up with someone like Mara Jade, who he had a relationship with in the expanded universe books.

Because the meeting of the two Force users at the end of The Force Awakens seemed particularly emotional. Even Rey’s expression seemed surprising given that she’s ‘supposedly’ never met the Jedi Master. It would explain why she has a natural talent with piloting Starfighters and why the saber called to her. But is it too obvious? The filmmakers have previously said that the reveal will shock audiences around the world.



Whilst many were quick to assume that Rey was Luke’s daughter, there's an entirely different theory placing her heritage further between the prequels. The idea is that Obi-Wan had a child after the end of Revenge of the Sith, and that child sired Rey.

The theory states that the other British actors perform with American accents, whilst Obi-Wan and Rey are the only two who stick to their native voice. Aside from Jyn Erso, this seems to be true. The two have similar costumes and abilities. Rey seems to have acquired the iconic “These are not the droids you are looking for” Jedi Mind Trick technique. And finally, the theory calls back to J.J. Abrams teasing that Rey’s loneliness is the key to her heritage, Obi-Wan was a hermit for a while after all.


If the filmmakers were really looking to throw the audience off, this is one theory that could surprise everyone. It’s a bit of a wild card, but if it was pulled off properly it could be fantastic. The theory from Reddit lies a lot with Anakin’s failings as a Jedi in his previous life. We all know that Anakin was supposedly brought to life via Midichlorians. But regardless of her heritage, Rey could be Anakin reincarnated.

Maz told her that they lightsaber was calling to her now, and that it belonged to Rey. The blue light saber never called out to Luke when it was given to him, but it definitely wanted to connect with Rey. So perhaps it’s trying to return to the original owner. And since the Force is clearly still unbalanced, it would mean that Anakin would be able to bring the balance as prophesized.



How many times have actors, directors and producers outright denied a fan theory for it only to come true? J.J. Abrams once thoroughly denied having anything to do with Star Wars, and look what happened. So even though Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley denied the connection between Jyn Erso and Rey, it doesn’t mean anything.

Jones even made a joke about the two sharing a similar appearance and that they’re both British. But it would be a great way of forward planning from Lucasfilm if they introduced Rey’s mother or even aunt in her own film. It would make the audience care about the reveal that little bit more after the emotional ending of Rogue One. Although it does seem unlikely that Jyn would have abandoned a child before her death, it would be more likely to be connected to her through a sibling.


There’s always been a heavy use of familial themes and ties that play across Star Wars. Luke was the one to help realign Darth Vader to the Light side so he could defeat the Emperor and balance the Force after years of turmoil. But what if those familial ties brought to us in The Force Awakens are flipped and twisted as they progress?

One theory from Reddit suggests that Anakin’s Force ghost will persuade Kylo to embrace the Light side once again and to fight the Dark. Whereas Rey’s quickly emerging powers will end up tipping her over the edge as Snoke corrupts her by offering her more power. Remember she’s been alone and somewhat powerless her whole life. Being offered more power would seem attractive. Plus the character development and writing behind the redemption and fall of the two characters could be incredible.



This theory pushes Emperor Palpatine back into the franchise once again. One of the first similarities the theorist makes out is that their fighting style is incredibly similar. They both use stabbing, forward thrust motions with their sabers. And then it turns to translation.

The Spanish translation of Rey is King, and although there aren’t any Kings in the main franchise -- there is definitely an Emperor, a very similar role. It then goes onto say that the conflict between Skywalkers and Palpatine have been running since Phantom Menace, as it was Palpatine pulling the strings from the start. Alongside the clear anger that she utilizes, her theme song shares some similarities with the Imperial march and Emperors theme. It would certainly be surprising to learn that Palpatine had children that’s for sure.


So during The Force Awakens we saw the Knights of Ren briefly during a Force vision. This is presumably when Luke’s Jedi academy was destroyed by Kylo after he was corrupted by Snoke. It’s not a stretch to imagine that there were several apprentices there under Luke’s tutelage.

This theory is one or both of the apprentices were Rey’s parents and were murdered by Kylo and the Knights of Ren. Luke discovered Rey and took her to Jakku, hiding her there in case Kylo or Snoke went looking for any other survivors. It sounds pretty cold thinking about Luke leaving a small child by themselves and not taking her with him. But after seeing his apprentices killed, he might not have wanted to get anyone else killed in his name.



No, we’re not joking. In a world where the Anakin reincarnation theory seems to be plausible, this could happen. Rey could be Obi-Wan reincarnated after his death at the hands of Darth Vader in A New Hope. It would make more sense that she heard Obi-Wan’s voice of his previous self calling back to his original skills and memories.

And when she goes to Ach-To for training from Luke, he’s actually just awakening the dormant powers and skills that she already has because of her previous time as a Jedi Master. Obi-Wan did tell Vader that he would become more powerful than he could ever imagine after dying of course. Maybe this is exactly what he meant by that. Let’s not forget that we should be getting an Obi-Wan solo film at some point too.


Admittedly, this one seems very far-fetched, but it would be such a curveball from everything we know about Anakin Skywalker, that it could be the exact level of surprise that Lucasfilm are going for. The theory puts the idea forward that when Shmi, Anakin’s Mother, married Cliegg Lars the two had a child.

And when that child grew up, they had a daughter. But knowing the connection to the Skywalker family decided to hide Rey on Jakku far away from the Empire or the First Order’s reach. Sure, it’s not the most well founded theory, but it would drive Kylo’s obsession with Rey further knowing that she’s part of Darth Vader’s family like him. It would open the door for some intriguing character development between the two force users.



Well, let’s just hope they don’t actually mention midichlorians. But that’s essentially what the theory is going with. Cast your mind back to The Phantom Menace. Shmi tells Qui-Gon Jinn that Anakin has no father whatsoever. He was an immaculate conception, willed to life by the Force.

Perhaps the series is going full circle and bringing Rey to life in a similar manner? The theory doesn’t actually state who would have bared Rey as a child. But if it was someone aware of the force and what it could do, there’s no doubt they would try hide the child. Another chosen one born in the same way as Anakin would be a solid way of rebalancing the Force. But it does seem like the easy way out, it doesn’t really allow for much character drama or development.


Midway through The Force Awakens, it was revealed to us that Han Solo and General Organa had a child, Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren, the man who murdered Han Solo (yes, we’re still bitter). But in the expanded universe the pair actually had twins. Jaina and Jacen Solo were both extremely Force sensitive, with Jacen turning to the Dark side. It's been theorized that Lucasfilm could be adapting their storyline to fit Rey and Kylo.

Because of the age difference between the two (Kylo is around 29 according to Lucasfilm Executive Pablo Hidalgo and Rey is 19), it doesn’t seem plausible that the two would be aware of being siblings given that Rey was on Jakku very early in her life. Hence why neither of them would have recognized the other in The Force Awakens. We’ll have to see how their relationship develops in The Last Jedi.



Wait what? This theory is a two-parter. So we know that Obi-Wan Kenobi was adrift for many years between the prequels and the original trilogy. If he’d become particularly lonely and met someone, perhaps he would even have a child with them. By the time that child had grown up, they’d be just slightly younger than Luke. Meaning that after Return of the Jedi, Luke could fall for her.

So this is still a play on the Luke’s daughter theory, it pulls the Kenobi side of things closer. Because we all heard Ewan McGregor speaking to Rey during the Force vision when she touched the blue lightsaber for the first time. It would make more sense that she heard him if he was part of her heritage as well as Luke’s.


This theory does take a little bit of belief. So after Darth Vader thought he had lost Padme and the twins she was carrying, he embarked on a vicious rampage across the Galaxy, but it’s not too much of a stretch that he’d like to preserve his villainous legacy. Perhaps he had a child in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. This would probably use some kind of cloning or artificial creation since he was horrifically burnt at the end of his fight with Obi-Wan.

It would allow him to train a new apprentice without having to search for someone worthy, he’d already know they’d be valuable because of their shared genes. If this child had their own offspring, it would explain why the saber called out to Rey, because it would run in the family. And it would still provide a connection between her and Luke.


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