'Rex Mundi #0' sells out, issue #1 coming in December

Press Release

[Rex Mundi #1]Image Comics announced today that Diamond has completely sold out of REX MUNDI #0.

Created by writer Arvid Nelson and artist Eric J. (artist), REX MUNDI #0 served as an introduction to a dark tale of murder, blasphemy, intrigue and the occult set in Paris during the early 1930s, but in a world only superficially like our own. In the world of REX MUNDI, the Catholic Church never lost its grip on power, nor did the landed aristocracy. Magic exists in the form of Cabalistic rites and rituals. Secret societies fill the political landscape, although few are aware of the full extent of their influence. Amid all this, the characters of REX MUNDI stumble onto a society claiming to posses the Holy Grail itself. But as they quickly discover, the Grail is not merely a cup. It is a secret so profound it threatens to topple the monarchies of Europe and plunge the entire world into a devastating war. Discovering the Grail's mystery becomes the driving quest for the charactersof REX MUNDI.

"We could not be happier about this," added Image Comics VP/Publisher Jim Valentino. "Once again Image has been rewarded by retailers and fans alike for taking a chance on something new and different. This gives me great hope for the health of our industry, and we are anxious to begin the REX MUNDI series in December and continue our commitment to promoting diversity in comics."

"We're dedicated to showing readers and retailers alike that REX MUNDI is for real," added Nelson. "The response has been just fabulous, and we want to thank everyone who took a chance on REX MUNDI #0. We've got lots of great stuff planned for the ongoing series!"

REX MUNDI #1, the first issue of the ongoing series that picks up whereissue #0 ends, will be available for order in the October issue of Previews and will ship in December 2002.

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