Revolutionary ends 'Rock 'N' Roll Comics' reprints at Bluewater

Revolutionary Comics has ended its agreement with Bluewater Productions to reprint its 1990s Rock 'N' Roll Comics line in trade paperback form. In addition, Revolutionary's Jay Allen Sanford announced over the weekend that any future editions will be released digitally.

"Though we’re not renewing with Bluewater, the collaboration went well," he wrote on the San Diego Reader website. "Over the past few years, Bluewater helped keep the RnR Comics 'brand' alive."

Sanford noted that seven collections were released through the company, but an eighth, Rock 'N' Roll Cartoon History: The Sixties, "remains unpublished." When the partnership was announced in 2009, it was intended to produce 10 repackaged volumes, released on a bimonthly basis.

Founded in 1989 by Todd Loren, who was murdered three years later, Revolutionary was in many ways a forerunner of Bluewater, making its name producing unauthorized biographies of musical acts ranging from the Grateful Dead and Bruce Springsteen to KISS and New Kids on the Block.

In a follow-up to his weekend announcement, Allen told Bleeding Cool, "“The Bluewater deal was never about money. The comics reprinted by Bluewater had already made massive profits two decades ago. By reprinting, we got to treat several of the original creators to some unexpected contemporary swag above and beyond their original contracts, as well as reviving awareness of the “brand” thanks to Bluewater footing the bills and doing the promotions. Now that the Bluewater books and the documentary film and DVD have gotten Revolutionary Comics some modern day cred and attention, Todd Loren’s father and I would rather handle any and all future repurposing of the RevCom material.”

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