Revisiting this year's April Foolishness

April 1 can be both a blessing (Ha ha! Very funny!) and a curse (Dammit, what do you mean that's not true!?!) for those hitting the web looking for news. To follow-up on two items I posted yesterday ...

• A few people wondered if word from writer Warren Ellis about the art for Planetary #27 being done was an April Fools joke, even though Ellis said it wasn't in his post. Ellis sent out a message to his Bad Signal email list today linking to his post, so I think it's safe to assume it wasn't some sort of trick. Or, as our friend Rich Johnston might say, this one gets a green light.

• So far today Fabio Moon hasn't revisited yesterday's post about Casanova becoming a webcomic on the blog he shares with Gabriel Ba. Considering he said the webcomic would start today and their blog has been silent, I guess we can count this one as an April Fools joke and give it a red light. Which sucks! I fell for this one myself. "The robot is mine" indeed.

In addition, here's a look back at yesterday's news, from the stuff that was obviously fake to the stuff that many people probably wished wasn't true ...

X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked on the internet: This is the kind of thing that, no doubt, everyone involved in the film wishes was an April Fools joke. But it isn't. Nikki Finke has more details. Definitely green, which sucks for everyone involved.

The Star Trek/Rock Band promotion: Yesterday morning I received press releases from both Paramount and MTV about a Star Trek/Rock Band cross-promotion. My first thought was that it was a joke, but several other outlets reported it, such as Sci Fi Wire and TrekMovie.com, who said it wasn't. It's also posted on the Rock Band website. So I guess this one is green, but I kind of liked it better when I thought it was a joke.

Spider-Man joins the X-Men: High Moon writer David Gallaher, a former Marvel intern, recalls one of the first April Fools jokes the site ran in an attempt to increase the site's profile, one about Spider-Man joining the X-Men. Spider-Man joining the X-Men turned out to be red, but him eventually joining a Marvel super team would have been green. (BTW, Marvel continued their April Fools tradition this year).

Alan Moore abandoned by his beard: Tor.com had several fake yet fun news stories yesterday, including one about Alan Moore's beard splitting with the writer to go off and work with Michael Bay on an on-screen adaptation of The Killing Joke. Obviously red.

Alan Moore accepts Watchmen movie money to sue DC: ComicMix had several joke posts yesterday, but this one was my favorite. I hear he's hiring his beard to serve as his lawyer.

ThinkGeek's Unicorn Chaser:A lot of people were upset that ThinkGeek's Taun Taun sleeping bag turned out to be fake. Me, I'd like to have a shot of that Unicorn Chaser, particularly for those instances where I click on those links Warren Ellis shares with the warning "Don't click on this." For some reason, I always do, and always regret it. Red, but maybe one day science will catch up and save us all.

Dash Shaw to create new version of Maus: Yesterday I received an email from creator Dean Haspiel, who said: "I just heard word that Pantheon Books signed Dash Shaw to write and draw an unauthorized adaptation of Art Spiegelman's MAUS. Is it true?"

In response, I said, "I heard you and Alan Moore were teaming up on X-Men. Can you confirm?"

Dean's response? "No comment."

Reading between the lines, I think that means Alan Moore and Dean Haspiel are doing Dark X-Men. You heard it here first. (Red)

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