Revisiting the "Epic" Conclusion of "All-Star Batman and Robin"



As I mentioned before, DC put out an "Absolute All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder" book. It has all ten issues, plus Jim Lee's pencils to the first issue alongside its script, and a lot of bonus material from magazine covers to character design sketches and more. Original series editor Bob Schreck writes a three-page introduction, and all of the alternate covers are presented at full size without the trade dress on it.

I re-read the last half of these issues for this series in Absolute form, before returning to the smaller sized original issues to do scans. My scanner can't fit an Absolute edition. As it is, flattening out the original issues to place on top of the scanner caused some of the issues to fall apart, right off the staples. So I'm very happy to have this Absolute for posterity.

Besides all of the obvious things that make this a great collection -- from the larger page size to the bonus materials -- the coloring winds up being a tad brighter. I don't know if it's better paper stock or what, but the art looks clearer and the colors are brighter in this larger format. You can see the line work better, which is a nice thing to have with Scott Williams inking over Jim Lee.

If you liked the series, this is the way to own it, for sure.


  • This week's Podcast Worth Listening To is the Word Balloon episode with Jim Zub. As many interviews as I've heard or read with the guy, and as many blog posts and tweets of his I've read, there's always something new. This time around, it was the details behind his run on "Samurai Jack" that caught my interest. I might have to track down those books next...
  • DC's new Super Hero Girls initiative is a good idea. I wish it well. My own six year old daughter saw the promo image on my computer screen and immediately started asking me about it. Looks like it's finding its audience pretty quickly.

    BUT -- I have a problem. The initial press release is so overwritten in business buzzword bingo that it loses all its meaning. I forged through, anyway, and discovered one thing missing from it: "comic books." Oh, sure, they're planning t-shirts and Underoos and animated series and all the rest, but there's no mention of comic books -- you know, the medium from which the characters came in the first place. There is a mention of 'books,' but why do I get the bad feeling that those are picture books or chapter books or something, and not traditional comics in one format or another. Let's hope there ARE comics in the works.

  • I'm catching up on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." I'm just past the "Agent Carter" hiatus, and there's one part of it that makes me laugh. It's not something that is intentional on the show's part, but every time I hear "Inhumans" now I just laugh at Marvel's denial that the Inhumans are being promoted in lieu of any other characters whose movie rights might be held by a different company. It's a tough line to pull off with a straight face.
  • Marvel announced that "Captain America: White" #1 will see print this fall. Finally. I half expect the series to be rewritten to explain how Captain America is an Inhuman.
  • We'll get to the second half of the Todd McFarlane pencil art from "Amazing Spider-Man" #298 next week. Promise!
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