Revised 2008 bestseller list includes <i>Bone</i>, <i>Dark Tower</i>

ICv2.com asks Nielsen Bookscan to revise its list of the Top 20 graphic novels sold in bookstores in 2008 to include kids and young-adult rankings. The result places two Scholastic volumes of Jeff Smith's Bone series -- Vols. 1 and 7 -- at Nos. 10 and 12, respectively, Marvel's The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home hardcover at No. 13, Tokyopop's Warriors: Warrior's Refuge at No. 15, and Viz Media's Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures, Vol. 1, at No. 16.

The reshuffling means that two volumes of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto get squeezed off the list. So now there are seven volumes in the Top 20 instead of nine.

With the buzz surrounding the Watchmen adaptation and The Dark Knight, it's not surprising that the Watchmen collection is at the top of the chart -- as it has been for the past six months -- or that a couple of Batman books rest comfortably on the list. What's impressive, and encouraging, is that the first volumes of Bone, Naruto and Death Note are still picking up new readers in substantial numbers years after their release.

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