REVIEWS: Secret Invasion #5

"Secret Invasion" #5 is in stores now, and that means the CBR Reviews team is hot on its trail. We bring you this week two different examinations of the latest installment of Brian Michael Bendis & Leinil Francis Yu's opus, each with their own unique take on the Marvel Comics release.

Benjamin Birdie gives "Secret Invasion" #5 three and a half stars, saying, "While Leinil Yu is a great artist of action scenarios and high drama (once again greatly enhanced by the ink work of Mark Morales), he is a very average caricaturist. In a spread that's almost confusing (are the Skrulls manipulating the TV waves or has everyone from Stephen Colbert to Osama Bin Laden actually been a Skrull this whole time?) pretty much every celebrity on Earth parrots the simultaneous notice of the Skrull's takeover of the planet. It's one of Yu's more awkward performances."

Read Birdie's full review here.

Doug Zawisza awards "Secret Invasion" #5 half a star less, writing, "Bendis certainly put pieces in play with the intent of picking them up later, but with this issue, it almost felt like some of those pieces had been heretofore unremembered. With this issue, they were hastily wrapped up. I say hastily, because some of the thread conclusions barely ran a page."

Read Zawisza's full review here.

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