REVIEWS: "Final Crisis" #3

One of the big releases in comics shops across the nation yesterday came from DC Comics, the third issue of "Final Crisis" by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones. We here at CBR have not just one, but two reviews of this issues from the CBR Reviews team that we though would interest you.

First up is Timothy Callahan's review of the issue. He gave it 3.5 stars and said, "If you've been confused by the first two issues of "Final Crisis," issue #3 should clear things up a bit. Grant Morrison and J. G. Jones show us explicitly the link between the mysterious Libra and the forces of evil. They show us what happened with the three Flashes and the time-travelling bullet. They explain the presence of the Atomic Knights in Bludhaven. They show the heroes preparing for war. But even though all of these straightforward explanations are given, it's still a Morrison/Jones comic, and they throw in plenty of new ideas to go along with the exposition." More at the link and, while we have you, don't miss Timothy's new column on CBR, WHEN WORDS COLLIDE.

Next up is Benjamin Birdie's review of the issue, which he gave 4.5 stars. Birdie's review begins, "As Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones' "Final Crisis" comes just thirty-odd pages away from its middle point and reaches a self-imposed (and cleverly explained) thirty day hiatus, it's clear that while it features a universe-gripping threat and more heroes than you can count, it is extremely unconventional for an event comic, or even a superhero comic for that matter." Of course, more at the link.

If you like reading reviews, then the CBR Reviews team should be one you get familiar with.

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