REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #10 is the End of a Bumpy Ride

This... is a tough one. While it's hard to say Uncanny X-Men has been objectively bad over the last ten issues, it's tough to say it's been all that good, either. Each weekly installment just seems like a game of inches. The writing team of Kelly Thompsom, Ed Brison and Matt Rosenberg (along with a revolving door of artists) have been slowly gaining ground toward some sort of massive conclusion (which in turn will open up the world of X-Men in ways we're not so certain we want to see), but with Uncanny X-Men #10, which marks the end of the first story arc. "X-Men: Disassembled," everyone just seems to be in a rush to wrap things up, no matter how sloppy the package is.

The battle between the X-Men and the Legion/X-Man hybrid comes to a crescendo, and just like the issues which preceded it, Uncanny X-Men #10 is not without its merits. A lot of the action is pretty solid, with some well-realized splash pages by Pere Perez and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg. However, despite all the artists who have worked on this book thus far folding into the Marvel mold of page breakdowns, the disparate styles can be jarring from issue to issue. Luckily, Rosenberg being the sole colorist helps with visual continuity, even if the lines she's working between don't. There are also some pretty solid character moments scattered amid the chaos, but they are a too few and far between to make up for what is otherwise a lackluster finale.

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There is a sad narration at the end of this issue which reads, "No one knew exactly what happened... and nobody really cared." Hopefully the self awareness of this statement was not lost on the creative team, because at the end of the issue, it didn't feel like we witnessed a massive event or any sort of memorable storyline. It just felt like a way to move things along. While the ever increasing stakes were raised with the return of Legion and X-Man, nothing ever quite gelled in the rebooted series' first story arc.

This might simply be the result of having three writers who all have very different voices vying for panel time or certain character beats. This is pure conjecture, but it felt like the writers were "cast" in certain roles, as though each of the writers focused on specific characters and wrote only their moments, as if the X-Men were sketch comedy characters? We're not saying this a bad idea for making a comic book (Deadpool could be amazing with a team of comedy writers behind him), but for a massive relaunch of one of the biggest titles in comic book history, a little more narrative focus might have gone a long way in fixing the arc's issues.

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Uncanny X-Men #10 mercifully ends the "X-Men: Disassembled" storyline with a lot of flash, but not a lot of excitement. The state of the X-Men might be more streamlined now, but at what cost ($4.99, apparently)? The recently concluded Extermination should have handled tidying the place up a bit. and when it didn't, it was assumed Uncanny would pick up the slack. Sadly, all the last minute housekeeping in this issue feels like someone tossing a bunch of clutter into a spare bedroom and telling their guests not to open its door. Everyone knows there's a mess in there, and eventually someone is going to have to sort it out.

This issue doesn't exactly leave you jazzed for the "Age of X-Men," either. The opportunity to clean the place up turned into house party (and your parents are totally going to find out).  However, there is solace to be found in the solicited cover images of a new team led by Cyclops and Wolverine (two recently resurrected characters wearing some classic costumes, no less) which has us hopeful this title will get things back on track. Uncanny X-Men has never been a stranger to weirdness, but rarely has it felt this dull when it wants us to care so much. Here's to a better tomorrow, one where humans and mutants live in harmony, and Uncanny X-Men is exciting again.

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