REVIEW: "Ultimate Origins" #1

This Wednesday sees the release of "Ultimate Origins," a series which promises to answer the many questions readers have had about Marvel's Ultimate Universe origins since that fateful day when the Ultimate Universe Bruce Banner warned Spider-Man, "Everything is connected." Written by Brian Michael Bendis -- one of the original architects of the Ultimate Universe -- with art by Butch Guice, "Ultimate Origins" is sure to answer many questions and pose many more.

In advance of its release, we here at Comic Book Resources have published two reviews of this new series. CBR Reviewer James Hunt gave the debut issue of this mini-series high marks, with 4.5 stars, while CBR Reviewer Kevin Church enjoyed it but looks a bit less favorably on issue #1, giving it a 3 star rating. These two opposing viewpoints should help you in your decision when considering a purchase of the book on Wednesday.

If you'd like a bit more information about the book, why not check out our interview with writer Brian Michael Bendis from March of this year. Or, check out Gabriel Dell'Otto's variant cover for the first issue. Or, better yet, why don't you check out a preview of the debut issue right here. Whatever you do, make sure to return this Wednesday to discuss this issue right here on CBR's Ultimate Universe forum.

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