REVIEW: One61’s Batman Smartwatch Is Like a Utility Belt For Your Wrist

One61 Studio Batman Smartwatch

A Batman smartwatch, particularly one inspired by the campy 1966 television series, may seems like an accessory reserved for those who proudly, and loudly, wear their love of the Caped Crusader on their sleeve, One61 Studio has introduced one that's ideal for the casual fan and the serious devotee alike. It's fun, functional and, if you can believe it, downright restrained -- which is is saying something, considering the garishness of the classic TV show.

At first glance a simple black time piece made of zinc alloy and plastic, with a silicone band, there are no obvious indications of its superhero theme, beyond a tiny Batman logo on the underside. But when activated, it displays one of five clock faces of the user's choosing, from the Bat-Signal to the Batmobile to the Dynamic Duo themselves, all illustrated in the pop-art style of the Batman opening credits.

Batman Smartwatch

Functioning like any number of other smartwatches available, the Batman smartwatch pairs to an iOS or Android device, and offers monitoring of health and fitness goals, a calendar, stopwatch and so on; you can also access and control your smartphone to make calls and receive calls, and take photos -- presumably in case your phone is in your utility belt, and your hands are occupied punching colorfully clad rogues.

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However, the real appeal of the Batman smartwatch is in the details. In addition to the multiple clock faces, there are a dozen ring tones, each borrowing a snippet from Neal Hefti's unforgettable TV theme. The step counter is labeled as "Crime Fighting," and the user is rewarded with brief clips from the TV show for reaching goals. Similarly, the delightfully named "Patrol Reminder" is an alert to encourage the wearer to get off of his or her Bat-butt and walk around for a few minutes. Oh, and the phone dialer? It of course displays the iconic red Batphone when placing a call.

Batman Smartwatch

While perhaps not as elegant-looking as One61's slightly more expensive Wonder Woman model (there's also one for The Flash), the Batman smartwatch is sleek and durable, with a bit of heft to it. The setup, which requires a Bluetooth connection and a free app downloaded to an Android or IOS device, is relatively simple. Note, however, that syncing the watch to your phone to import contacts and other information can be a little tricky, and the instructions don't provide any clues. Luckily, though, One61 support is relatively quick to respond with a solution.

The smartwatch arrives in a handsome display box, depicting the Gotham skyline, Batman, The Joker and the Batmobile, that some collectors will undoubtedly hate to actually open (the USB and charging base are found in the bottom). But don't worry, old chum, it reassembles effortlessly, and will likely find a place on shelves alongside other Batman memorabilia.

Priced at $124.99, the Batman Smartwatch can be purchased on the One61 Studio website, alongside the Wonder Woman and Flash models.

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