REVIEW: "Green Lantern" #48, "Blackest Night" #5

Both of this week's "Blackest Night" chapters have garnered 4-star reviews from CBR's Reviews Staff.

First, Doug Zawisa took a look at "Green Lantern" #48 and said that the issue, which takes place directly prior to "Blackest Night" #5, really showcases Doug Mahnke's art which he describes as "dynamic and challenging."

Greg McElhatton looks at "Blackest Night" #5, on the other hand, and bases his 4-star rating on a number of things, including Geoff Johns' "great usage of the cliffhanger." Greg ultimately comes to the conclusion that "it's easy to see why Johns and [Ivan] Reis have pulled so much attention to this corner of DC Comics's stable."

Click the covers below to read their respective reviews.

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