REVIEW: DC Transforms Artgerm's Supergirl from Cover to Collectible

Stanley Lau, aka Artgerm, has carved out a substantial fandom for his variant covers which present American comic book heroes and villains in a distinctly anime influenced style.

At DC, Lau has spent the last several years lending his talents to variant covers for series like Harley Quinn, Batman, Action Comics and, most recently, a run on Catwoman. Now, DC Collectibles has released a Designer Series statue based on Lau's run of Supergirl variants, giving fans a 12.5 inch tall, polyresin version of the Girl of Steel to add to their collections.

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Sculpted by James Marsano, the statue is based on Lau's variant cover for Supergirl #19, which featured the Girl of Steel wearing her Bruce Timm-designed crop top and miniskirt costume from Superman: The Animated Series.

Marsano's sculpt should make Lau's fanbase happy. He captures the artist's distinct style, translating it from two-dimensional page to fully-realized three-dimensional sculpture. The cape's sculpt and the figure's slightly backwards tilt combine to provide a sense of flight, giving the piece as a whole a decent sense of dynamism. From some angles, Supergirl's features do seem a bit off (the sculpt's face is a little more angular than Lau's original cover art), but for the most part, the statue looks like a Lau drawing brought to life.

But while the sculpt is nice (near-perfect, actually), the statue's paint job is a little distracting. In attempting to recreate the shadowing in Lau's illustration, the statue's paint creates an effect that's sometimes too sharp. While the two-toned blue works on the skirt, for example, the gray on the white shirt is too dark, looking more like an odd design than the shadowing it's intended to be. Depending on the lighting the statue is displayed under, it looks more like a strange pattern than shadows. A lighter shade would have likely worked better, though skipping it entirely might have been for the best.

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But that's really a minor complaint. In the end, Marsano's sculpt does exactly what it should, translating Lau's fan-favorite art from a comic book cover into a standalone statue.

Limited to a numbered run of 5000, DC Collectibles' Designer Series Supergirl statue by Stanley Lau is available now, with a retail price of $150.00.

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