REVIEW: "Batman" #3

A wise man once said, "It takes diff'rent strokes to move the world," and the reaction of CBR reviewers Chad Nevett and Greg McElhatton to the latest issue of DC Comics' "Batman" proves that point. While Nevett felt Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's work on "Batman" #3 was less than stellar, resulting in a 2.5 star rating, McElhatton enjoyed the latest chapter in the mystery of the Parliament of Owls, rating the story at 4.5 stars.

Chad Nevett: "I've spoken of the 'third issue slump' before and how it seems that comic series' third chapters tend to be the weakest, when the teases of the villain have grown weary and it's too early to fully reveal what's going on, leaving only necessary plot moments devoid of life and energy. Unfortunately, that's what 'Batman' #3 amounts to."

Greg McElhatton: "In Scott Snyder's 'Detective Comics' run, he brought to the title that wonderful feeling that there's something nasty staring you in the face, but you can't figure it out until it's reached out and grabbed you. On 'Batman: Gates of Gotham,' he, along with co-writer Kyle Higgins, began plumbing the depths of Gotham City's history, adding to the lineage of both the location and its people. So, with 'Batman' #3 including both of these things? Well, it makes for one excellent comic book."

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