REVIEW: Animated Death of Superman Film is A Worthy Adaptation of a '90s Classic

Back in the early '90s, Superman's jaw-dropping slugfest with Doomsday made comic book history. The big battle was simply unforgettable as the Last Son of Krypton went blow for blow with a bloodthirsty monster. The Big Blue Boy Scout ultimately gave his life to protect the planet from the formidable villain, and his sacrifice revealed what the world would be like without the inspiring hero.

This iconic comic book storyline was loosely adapted for an animated movie back in 2007, allowing fans to witness Doomsday and Superman fight to the death on the small screen. In 2016, fans witnessed the live-action death of Superman on the big screen when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice pulled some inspiration from the classic storyline and brought Doomsday into the movie's final act.

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Now, fans are going to watch another version of the Man of Steel die all over again in the appropriately titled The Death of Superman. But adapting a familiar story and knowing the ending doesn't stop the latest DC animated film from delivering an exciting and emotional ride. It really says a lot about the quality of a movie when you see a death coming from a mile away but it still brings a tear to your eye.

Co-directed by Sam Liu and Jake Castorena, and written by Peter J. Tomasi, The Death of Superman adapts the well-known comic storyline to fit into the animated universe that began in 2014's Justice League: War. Because the movie's bringing Doomsday vs Superman into an already established universe, blatant changes need to be made along the way to the memorable storyline. This isn't like the comics-accurate two-part adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns or the very faithful adaptation of Batman: Year One; The Death of Superman doesn't have the luxury of not taking previous animated movies into account. Despite this, many key ingredients from the '90s storyline are still present and manage to make an impact. Plus, it doesn't forget the most important part of the story: heart.

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