Reverse Flash returns in April's 'The Flash' #197

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He was the yin to Barry Allen's yang…The Flash's opposite number, bearing the same powers, but without the same heroic underpinnings. Now, Professor Zoom - the Reverse Flash - is back from the dead!

It all begins this February in THE FLASH #197, the kick-off to the 4-part story "Blitz," by critically acclaimed writer Geoff Johns with art by Scott Kolins and Doug Hazlewood and covers by Kolins.

"Wally West is about to learn the most painful lesson of his life," says Johns. "The Flash is not the Fastest Man Alive. That honor belongs to another: ZOOM. Face-to-face with a twisted enemy bent on molding the Flash into his own version of the perfect hero, Wally West is about to go through the biggest change in his life since he donned the scarlet uniform."

The secrets behind Zoom's origin are revealed in THE FLASH #197, a story that puts a dark new twist on an old adversary and offers a new look at the life-threatening clash between two men who can move at the speed of light. But what is Zoom's strange goal? It's not what you think…and he'll risk anything to achieve it!

It all builds up to July's monumental THE FLASH #200, guest-starring Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick, in which Wally West faces a startling - and unexpected - change!

THE FLASH is an ongoing series edited by Joey Cavalieri. The 32-page issue #197 will be solicited in the February issue of Previews (Volume XIII #2) and is scheduled to arrive in comic-book stores April 16.


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