Reverse-Flash, R'as al Ghul Battle in "Flash," "Arrow" Extended Teasers

With a large-scale, two-night crossover event out of the way, the CW's pair of superhero shows -- "Arrow" and "The Flash" -- have one finale episode each left in 2014. Judging by the pair of extended promos the network has released to hype each installment, these midseason finales look like they may just match the crossover event in terms of stakes and scope.

In "The Flash's" midseason finale, titled "The Man in the Yellow Suit," Barry Allen will finally come face to face with the blurry bad guy that he believes murdered his mother years ago. Pictures of the villain, known as Reverse-Flash in the DC Comics source material, first surfaced online back in October. Now, thanks to the trailer below, you can see him in action and also hear him employ the same voice disguising trick Barry's been using on the show.

Not to be outdone, "Arrow's" midseason finale -- "The Climb" -- will see the titular archer prepare for a duel with League of Assassins leader Ra's al Ghul. The two will clash on a snowy mountain top in an action set piece unlike any the show has done before.

The "Flash" and "Arrow" midseason finales air next Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, on the CW.

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