Reubens Confirms New 'Pee-wee' Movie, Official Announcement 'A Week Away'

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Paul Reubens announced that he could not announce that there is definitely going to be another Pee-wee Herman film. "There is going to be [another 'Pee-wee' movie]," Reubens told Fallon, "and I was hoping I could make this huge announcement tonight, but it's a week away, I think, from being announced."

The roundabout announcement comes just one week after the comedian said details were "very imminent." While he held off on clarifying specifics of the new Pee-wee, he did drop some relevant information.

"Judd Apatow's producing it still," said Reubens. "This was all leaked three years ago, so a little bit is known." To prove Reubens' point, Apatow's involvement was first reported on by this site way back in July 2010. "We've hired a director, I can't say [who] yet," said Reubens. "We're going to start in February." As Reubens says, it's probably not Steven Spielberg.

The alum of the Groundlings comedy troupe then discussed how he first came up with the Pee-wee Herman character back in his improv days. "We were all supposed to do characters that you might see performing at a comedy club. I could never remember punchlines to jokes, so my character was a bad comic who you would never ever expect to make it. I just told jokes where I couldn't remember the punchlines and pull props out of a bag."

You can check out Reubens' non-announcement announcement in the interview below.

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